Working for a caregiver for the elderly – how to choose a care agency?

Choosing the perfect care agency can be complicated. However, with the right knowledge and awareness, you can find a partner who will provide the expected working conditions for the caregiver. Whether your current employer doesn’t meet your expectations and you want to change them, or you’re just starting out looking for a job in care, this article will help you find the best care agency.

What do Care Agencies do?

Care companies are an important link between carer candidates and seniors in need of support in Germany. Their important role is recruitment, selection, organization of work, and settlement of care services.

Recruitment of caregivers for the elderly

Recruitment of caregivers for the elderly plays a key role in ensuring the quality of care. Care Agencies meticulously select caregivers, looking for people with the right education, experience, and empathy. By screening candidates, coordinators ensure that seniors are cared for by people ready to provide support at the highest level. Recruitment of caregivers for the elderly in all Caregiver Agencies is similar, so you can apply for a job in several of them at the same time.

Adaptation to the Individual Needs of Seniors

Care companies try to best match the caregiver to the expectations of clients, who are most often families from Germany. They are looking for professional help for their loved ones. This includes not only medical aspects but also the character, interests, and lifestyle of the mentee. Thanks to this, the care provided is comprehensive and adequate.

Organization of the caregiver’s journey and formalities

Care companies provide caregivers with comprehensive logistical support, including booking a ride, paying for it, and informing all interested parties. All formalities are handled quickly by caregiver agencies, which allows caregivers to focus on providing the highest quality services. However, it must be remembered that the caregiver must be aware of the terms of cooperation. Thanks to this, employees can focus on providing the highest quality services.

Provision of care and daily services

Care Agencies interview the family to complete the requirements that the care worker must meet. This avoids all kinds of misunderstandings. The overriding objectives are:

-appropriate working conditions for carers

-high quality of care for seniors.

Monitoring and cooperation with the family

The agencies maintain constant contact with caregivers and families of seniors to ensure transparent communication and monitor the quality of care provided. The care situation can be dynamic, especially in the case of the changing health of seniors. This ensures that every senior is in good hands and cared for at every stage, and the caregiver works in comfortable conditions.

Care Agency evaluation criteria

Evaluate the professionalism of the website

In today’s largely online world, the professionalism of a company’s website is becoming a key indicator of quality and credibility. If you are considering working with an agency that recruits caregivers and organizes work for seniors in Germany, the analysis of their website can provide important clues about their professionalism and quality of service.

Visible and transparent information

A professional care agency focuses on transparency. If the website is carefully designed and provides comprehensive information about services, recruitment processes, employment conditions, and offers for caregivers and seniors, this demonstrates the agency’s commitment to effective communication with clients and potential employees.

Intuitive navigation

Navigating the website should be easy and intuitive. If the information is logically organized and easy to find, it is a sign that the employment agency cares about the convenience of users and that potential clients and caregivers can quickly get to know the offer and understand the cooperation process.

Friendly design and visual consistency

The aesthetic appearance of the website and, the consistency of colors, fonts, and graphic elements are important indicators of professionalism. An agency that takes care of these details probably focuses on every aspect of its business.

News on the website

The best agency constantly updates its website, providing the latest information on services, job offers, and employment conditions. Regular updates show the company’s commitment to providing reliable and up-to-date information.

Testimonials of clients and caregivers

The presence of positive feedback and reviews from clients and caregivers who have used the services of an agency is an important indicator of trust. Look at whether the site presents such information.

Hrily Quality Certificate

The level of care agencies is also evidenced by the tools used by companies and their certificates and approvals. Hrily’s quality certificate is a confirmation that the company that has it has advanced tools for organizing care and uses them effectively. These include registration forms that you can recognize already at the stage of your job search. Why is this important?

1. Your data is safe and processed by the GDPR.

2. The information goes into a system that analyzes your qualifications and expectations and then compares them with customer expectations. It takes into account not only hard skills such as language skills, but also smoking, your preferences as to the location of the workplace, and your readiness to get up at night.

3. Your profile quickly reaches the client — an agency employee creates an offer by combining and completing the documents provided by you such as CVs, references, and diplomas in 1 professional-looking document in a few seconds and automatically sends it.

4. You get the best-fitting workplace, both in terms of your family’s expectations and yours.

5. The care agency has time for you – Hrily certification demonstrates a high degree of automation in recruitment, matching, and travel. As a result, employees work virtually flawlessly and have more time to support you on the shtetl as well.

Experience on the market

There are several important steps you should take to verify your experience in the care industry and make sure you’re making the right decision when choosing a particular caregiver agency.

1. Check licenses and certifications: Make sure your employer has the required licenses and certifications to recruit workers to work abroad. In the case of Poland and Germany, there are specific regulations governing this process. A good agency should operate by current standards.

2. Read reviews and testimonials: Look for opinions from other people who have used the services of the care agency. Read both positive and negative reviews to get the full picture. Testimonials from people who have already decided to cooperate with a given company can provide valuable information about the quality of their services.

3. Research experience: Understand how long the agency has been in business. A team with longer experience usually has more experience recruiting, training, and sending caregivers abroad. This may indicate their ability to effectively organize and solve possible problems.

4. Ask questions: Contact your company representative and ask questions about the recruitment process, tutor training, and support offered both before and after sending them to Germany. A professional agency should be willing to answer any doubts and provide clear information.

5. Check the offer and procedures: Familiarize yourself with job offers for caregivers for the elderly and the procedures they use when recruiting and organizing trips of caregivers to Germany. Make sure that the recruitment process is comprehensive and that the agency offers support in administrative and formal matters.

6. Verify the terms of the contract: Before signing the contract, carefully read and understand its terms. Check that they are clear and in line with your expectations. Avoid agencies that try to impose inappropriate or overly restrictive conditions.

7. Consult with others: If you have friends or family who have used third-party services, ask for their experiences and advice. Personal recommendations can be valuable and will help you choose a care employment agency.

Training for caregivers

Find out how the agency provides support to its employees. Effective assistance for caregivers is a key element in guaranteeing high-quality care and comfort at work. Below are some things to verify to make sure your agency offers the right working conditions:

1. Elderly care training: Verify that the agency provides adequate training for caregivers before they travel to Germany. They should cover issues related to care for the elderly, first aid, hygiene, and other aspects relevant to the work of the caregiver.

2. Language courses: Check if the agency organizes language courses, especially if the caregiver does not know German at the appropriate level. The ability to communicate in the language of the target country is crucial for effective work and understanding the needs of the mentees.

When considering choosing a Care Agency that recruits caregivers in Poland and sends them to work in Germany, it is important to make sure that the company operates fully legally and according to applicable regulations. Here are some steps to help you verify the legitimacy of such an organization:

1. Check registration and licenses: First of all, make sure that the company is registered as a legitimate entity conducting recruitment activities. In Poland, but also other countries, temporary employment agencies and companies recruiting to work abroad must have appropriate licenses. You can verify their status in the relevant institutions or on official websites.

2. Verify registration numbers (in Poland it is NIP and REGON): Check if the company has the correct NIP number (Tax Identification Number) and REGON number (Register of National Economy). These numbers are important for legitimate businesses and should be available on the website and in official documents.

3. Ask for documentation: Ask the caregiver recruiter to provide documents proving its legality, such as licenses, partnership agreements, or registration confirmations. A professional agency should be ready to share these documents.

4. Ask questions: Contact the agency and ask questions about their legal and operational status. If the company is legitimate, it should be open to answering and providing information.

5. Avoid improper practices: Be wary of agencies that are reluctant to provide information or try to avoid answering questions about their legality. If something seems suspicious, it’s worth looking around for other options.

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