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What do you gain by choosing HRILY?

Everything a Care Agency needs

The HRILY platform is the one solution you’ll ever need. How do we know? Because it has been developed in collaboration with care agencies from the countries from which clients and carers come from.

A tailor-made solution

Hrily offers you all the features you need to work. However, we know that every business is a little different, so you can still adapt our platform to your needs.

Multi-level savings

You will save time, money, and workload, as our platform enables faster and flawless trip arrangement, recruitment, and easy document handling. This means fewer mistakes, happier clients, and higher profits.

We make work easier

With Hrily, you will find the information you need in no time, and the platform will notify you of pending tasks.

Compliance with the GDPR

GDPR compliance has never been so easy. Personal data is stored in one place, so it is easy to manage.

Finances under control

Using HRILY, you can easily check client payments, commissions, carers’ costs and your own margin. This will enable you to make even better decisions in the future.

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