Statistics on the recruitment of caregivers of the elderly

Where and how we recruited caregivers

Recruiters have a difficult and dynamic job. They add posts with job offers in many places on the web, and then after some time, they are contacted by candidates for carers of the elderly. Some of them start cooperation, while others are rejected or contact with them is broken.

Recruitment statistics include several elements that need to be analyzed. Without the right tool, it is a path through torment. Fortunately, Hrily conveniently presents selected combinations.

Source of acquisition

There are many sources of acquisition, from various websites to telephone contact or a simple recommendation from a friend. One of the most popular, however, is Facebook. Hrily has considered all these options.

In the caregiver profile, we complete the source of obtaining the caregiver. In the table with the maintainers, we can easily filter the statistics in any way we want.

To check where we got our caregiver from, we enter the caregiver’s module. Then click on Filters and select Source of acquisition. Below you will see a table of people matched to the acquisition option we have chosen.

Recruitment period – date added

To check the recruitment period of caregivers, we also enter the caregiver’s module. Then, from the available filters, select Date added. The options for setting dates vary. Please note, however, that it is not possible for the date of adding a caregiver to the system to change. Below we present a screenshot in which we present the two filter selection options described above.

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