Check-in and check-out of an elderly person’s caregiver – case study

One of the Care Agencies from Austria during the implementation brought the problem of deregistration of caregivers of the elderly from the client’s address. At the end of the contract, several operations should be performed at a given client. In practice, teams have difficulty quickly figuring out what still needs to be done in the contract.

Platform for Care Agencies from Austria

The Hrily platform has been developed by the requirements of the Care Agency from Austria. Make an appointment for a presentation and see how much you can gain.

Relevant information in the contract

Date of commencement of care

In the case of a check-in of the caregiver with the client, this is a very important date. It can be freely positioned. Hrily will suggest where this operation should be performed. The information is shown in the panel without additional clicking.

Date of end of care

The process is similar in the case of check-out. Of course, time intervals can be set differently.

Contract status

This is a manageable list, so you can prepare your list. One of the initial statuses in the contract may be the Check-in of the Caregiver and one of the last Caregiver Check-out.

Additional filters

Caregiver filtering with Caregiver Blank / Caregiver Not Blank options to distinguish contracts where the Caregiver has already been selected. Filtering by a specific Maintainer here is not needed.

This filter, combined with the start date of care, the end date of care, and the status, gives you full control over what is happening in the Care Agency. Larger companies still use filters

  • Coordinator
  • Client Partner
  • Partner of the caregiver

so that people only deal with their customers.

Dashboard at Care Agency 24

This is one of the favorite functions among the employees of the Care Agency. Filters with any settings can be saved as a quarend. This option gives us benefits on three levels.

Query in Hrily

This option allows you to save any configurations

  • Filters
  • Columns
  • Sort
  • Number of rows in a table

The name of the query can be anything. One-click takes the user to the selected settings. The quartenda can be shared with other team members.


This query can be added to the dashboard. The user determines the order of the query You can assign a color to the query in the dashboard, which helps to distinguish between the types of issues, departments, or urgency of the task. In the dashboard, we see the first 5 records that meet the search criteria. From the dashboard, you can directly go to the appropriately set table or the selected record. There are more than 30 tables with various data at the disposal of users.

Upper bar

This is an element of the application that is visible at all times in the panel. There you can add all or selected dashboard elements. The system automatically refreshes the number of records, which shows the employee of the Care Agency what is to be done. Workers themselves set all the elements of the upper bar.

The process of adding and checking out tasks

The check-in and check-out process can also be handled with tasks. The Hrily platform allows you to freely configure processes that will help the employee maintain control over processes.

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