Hrily – news for Care Agencies – February 2023

In February 2023, we uploaded new options to the Hrily platform. 6 very large functions make your work even more efficient, and many smaller tasks.


All tasks to be performed by Care Agency employees are listed in the Dashboard. This is done without additional clicking. The dashboard shows each person a separate set of information. In addition, you can set the dashboard to show statistical summaries, the number of contracts starting in any period, and so on.

Registration forms for clients and caregivers

Registration forms can be added on the website of your 24-hour Care Agency, Facebook, blog, or other places.

After completing the form by the client or caregiver, the data is immediately available in the Hrily panel. The upper bar of the dashboard will immediately inform the appropriate people that there is a new request. It doesn’t require any additional clicking.

After completing the registration form, the person will be redirected to the page with thanks and a description of the procedure. Such a page can easily be added in Hrily.

Registration forms can be created in German, English, Polish, and other languages.

All Care Agencies can add as many registration forms as needed. At your disposal is:

– freely adding fields

– Setting which fields are required

– text describing the form

– adding graphics

– consent management

– After completing the form, redirection to the page with the description of the process

– appearance modification

Many charges

Possibility to add a table with many charges. All added mentees have their own set of information, including a list of requirements.

They have the same options as registration links for customers. Of course, the graphic form, and the fields to be completed in each form are different

Management of consents and automatic saving of consents

In the configuration, it is possible to manage consents that may have several language versions. All registration forms can have any consent added, and it is indicated whether it is required.

In Hrily it is also possible to add all consents.

Commission percentage calculation

Most Care Agencies settle accounts with other Care Agencies on a commission basis. Very often, the amount of the commission is calculated as a percentage of the amount paid by the client (family).

We have added such an option in Hrily. In the system, it is enough to enter the percentage value and select the settlements from which the system will calculate the amount due. All receivables are calculated for each month separately.


In the implementation of contracts, we have so far lacked the option to handle journeys. Many Care Agencies suggested such functions, so we made them.

Shuttle companies

We have added a module to manage the list of shipping companies. Care Agencies can complete the list of carriers they use.

The contract gained the service of journeys

In the contract module, we have added journeys to and from the client. In each of them, there are all the necessary options. The Hrily platform will inform you about contracts, where a caregiver has been selected, and about the need to organize a ride.

Settlement passage

The caregiver’s fare may be paid by either party. The caregiver’s arrival at the place of work and departure are carried out separately. The Hrily platform itself suggests addresses with the option to change or enter a different address. The fee can be in any currency.

The process of arranging a carer’s ride is complicated. We’ve added an option to mark completed actions. The action list is configurable and can contain any number of items. Filtering options allow you to find rides where you need to do something.

Automatic matches

Matching the caregiver to the clients

In the caregiver’s profile, we have added a tab where clients who require qualifications are presented, which particular guardian offers. The platform suggests a list of matches such as; German level, driving licence, or smoking. Match criteria can be added and subtracted as needed. All matches have two modes:

– The first includes only those records that meet the requirements

– The second allows records that do not have the given information completed

Matching clients with caregivers

We have added a similar tab in the customer profile. The list of parameters that are taken into account is very long and can be freely edited.

Smaller tasks make work easier

Management of document flow in the Care Agency

Documents created in Hrily have a configurable to-do list. After selecting the Send Date, an additional field appears to complete the date. After selecting a signed document, the option to upload files with the document appears.

Controlling the circulation of documents is possible by setting appropriate queries. The following fields are helpful for this:

-last edit date

-post date

-selected activities.

Preferred location in the caregiver’s profile

In the caregiver’s profile, we have added a small table with the locations preferred by the caregiver. You can add multiple selection areas with region or postcode.

Marking which agency we transferred the Caregiver and/or the client to

The client and caregiver profile has the option to indicate which partner Care Agencies it has been sent to. Our customers have been asking for this option, so we added it.

In the client, in the Contacts tab, we added the option of entering contact persons and institutions

There can be many contacts in a customer’s profile that are either individuals or organizations. We added an option to collect institutions. Care Agencies from Germany in particular asked about the possibility of adding the data of a doctor, pharmacy, or Pflegedienst companies.

Contract operated by a Partner Agency

Some Care Agencies from countries where the client comes from do not collect data on carers. However, they need to indicate in the added contract by which Care Agency from the country where the caregiver comes from the contract is performed. We have added an option to supplement the caregiver’s or partner Care Agency’s contract.

Missing translations

While setting up your account and adding new options, it may happen that we are missing some translations. We added a table that shows the list of missing expressions.

Reason for termination of cooperation with the caregiver

In the caregiver’s profile, we have added a field where, after the end of cooperation with the caregiver, we can complete the reason. The list is of course configurable. The correct completion of the data will allow for useful statistical summaries.

Health Funds

There can be many clients in the Client tab. We have added the Health Fund field to all the charges’ profiles. The list of health funds can be added manually or automatically from a given country.

Decisiveness of the charges in the client

The caregiver’s profile has gained a field where we can indicate the level of decision-making. If you select the option where partial or complete decision-making has been lost, a field appears where you can indicate the person for whom it was lost. Before that, this person should be added to your contacts.

Additions and deductions with the amount of zero

We have added an option to add additions with the amount of zero, which can be presented separately on customer bills. This was an important function of the Luxembourg Care Agency.

Configuration of common fields – assigning values only to the client or caregiver

The overriding assumption of Hrily was a coherent list of the caregiver’s qualifications on the one hand, and the client’s requirements on the other. This turned out to be a very good assumption, but still, some elements of Care Agencies want to assign only to one of the parties. We have added this option.

The date and time of the next contact

Some Care Agencies do not use tasks but only set the dates and times of meetings in the profile of the caregiver or client. We’ve also added a time to the date, which is helpful when planning your day.

Changing the order of fields

Many Care Agencies, when setting up an account in the Hrily platform, add fields without taking into account their need for the order of these fields. We’ve added an option in the configuration, so you can manage the order of the fields. A good example here is the level of the German language.

The mentee’s profile

There is a lot of information in the caregiver’s profile. Hrily users indicated that to reach the caregiver’s daily schedule, one additional click had to be made. We changed the presentation of data in the caregiver’s profile, and now all data is available immediately.

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