Profile of the caregiver of an elderly person in the Care Agency

The data collected in the caregiver’s profile is primarily necessary for:

  • searching for a family
  • create various types of documents
  • billing
  • correspondence
  • statistical summaries

It is worth mentioning that the Hrily platform was created to facilitate and make work more pleasant thanks to simple operation. We are constantly adding new functions to better meet the expectations of our potential customers.


They are collected when setting up a new profile of a potential caregiver. To create an account, just click Add on the right side of the caregiver’s module. We will see a form for adding a caregiver profile. These are basic data such as name, surname, or address, and other types such as language level or preferred place of residence with the mentee. It is worth adding that all our data is protected with the utmost care, based on all the provisions of the GDPR.

Information you need to search for a family

Families looking for caregivers, in addition to basic data, are interested in other information, e.g.:

  • experience in care
  • smoking
  • caregiver allergies
  • profession
  • character traits
  • hobby
  • education and others

In addition, the date of acquisition and the source of acquisition are needed to create statistical summaries.

Creating documents

When the caregiver starts work, it is necessary to generate documents. The maintainer’s profile contains all the data for the automatic creation of completed documents in the form of PDF files. These are very detailed data, including:

  • maiden name
  • father’s name
  • insured status
  • tax resident and others

Create a caregiver profile in PDF format in German

In the caregiver profile on the right, there is an option to create a caregiver profile in PDF. It is possible to generate a profile in German, English, and Polish. A care agency may have several versions of a profile that contains a different set of information.

Language level

For a family looking for a potential caregiver, the language level is extremely important. First, the most sought-after language is German, followed by English. There are also cases when the family is bilingual and accepts caregivers who speak the chosen language. To mark the level of language proficiency correctly, enter the caregiver’s module and select the profile you are interested in. Then, on the right, a table will appear with the inscription: Foreign languages. After configuring the list of languages and their levels, we have the opportunity to complete information about the language qualifications of the tutor.

To which partner we give the profile of the caregiver

Part of the Agency provides profiles of caregivers to Partner Agencies. For example, an Agency from Ukraine, after recruiting a candidate for a caregiver, transfers a profile to a Partner Agency from Poland.

To indicate to which partner we transfer a given profile of a caregiver, in the section Forwarded to partners, add the appropriate Partner Agencies

Information about Covid

Although the Covid pandemic ended some time ago, it is still a very important aspect for many families when choosing a potential caregiver. Without this information, the caregiver profile cannot be complete. Among the possibilities is inter alia:

  • covid status
  • date of the last test
  • date of last vaccination
  • date of illness

In addition, we can upload files with a COVID passport or other files.


One of the important information that the caregiver must provide is the address. This is needed to create documents and organize transport. The Hrily panel facilitated this task by setting the possibility of choosing not only the address of residence but also for correspondence and registration.

Qualifications of the caregiver of an elderly person

Families looking for a potential caregiver often wish for the person to have specific qualifications.

In the Hrily panel, qualifications are divided into sections to structure the information collected. The aim is for the potential caregiver to be able to present the whole aspect of their experience and qualifications as reliably as possible.

All options below are easily configurable, allowing you to tailor the Hrily platform to the requirements of each Care Agency. The sections are :

  • Experience with diseases
  • Training courses
  • Body hygiene
  • Move
  • Nutrition
  • Running a house
  • Free time
  • Medical treatments
  • Sleep activities
  • Transfer
  • Other

The above options allow you to include any information about the caregiver. To set the information correctly, enter the Caregivers module, select the person you are interested in from the table, then enter the qualifications tab and click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

Additional information about the caregiver

Where the caregiver wants to work

It often happens that the caregiver has preferences regarding the location of his work in Germany, for example. There is a small table in the maintainer profile where you can add :

  • country
  • region
  • postcode

This is quite a great facilitation for both parties in potential cooperation. We took care of the appropriate data structure and the ability to filter by these parameters.

Caregiver accommodation

The caregiver can also indicate what he requires in terms of broadly understood accommodation. All-access options in this section are configurable. Care Agencies collect data here on:

  • caregiver’s room – bed, laptop, TV,
  • house – internet, separate bathroom
  • surroundings – distance to bus stop or shop, garden,
  • and others.

Caregiver contact persons

In the Hrily platform, we also have the opportunity to introduce contact persons related to the caregiver. This is an extremely important asset in our platform because such contact is useful in many issues. For example, when a caregiver has an accident, it may turn out that the help of this person is needed.

Experience in care

We have also added the possibility of accumulating the experience of a caregiver that he has acquired while caring for a family member or in a competing Care Agency. Collect data on the period, country, gender of the person cared for, and his or her age. In the note, we can enter the scope of work performed.

Bank accounts

This option is used to collect bank accounts so that all data is in the caregiver profile. People who make transfers value this option very much because they know where to look for it. A separate additional table with only bank accounts is also helpful.


Thanks to our platform, we can upload many different files, scanned contracts, caregiver references, covid certificates. All files can have a note describing what is in the file. The file name is also visible on the platform.

Tailored customers to the caregiver

The Hrily platform automatically makes matches. This is a great convenience. At the moment when we talk to the caregiver, we can immediately indicate the families to which the caregiver can go. The user can change the matching criteria in a few moments depending on the need.

Additional tables

Employees of the Care Agency pointed to the need for easy access to all information directly in the caregiver’s profile. We’ve added additional tables to all maintainer profiles.


In this table are all clients/contracts where the caregiver was proposed, rejected, was, is, and will be. The table contains the most important information, and with one click you can go to the selected contract.


Here you can find all the documents that have been issued in Hrily for a given caregiver. The documents that are created here have been generated for the caregiver and for the contract where the caregiver was selected. With one click, you can download documents or go to the document profile.


Care agencies use their tasks in a very diverse way. In this tab are all the tasks to which the maintainer is pinned. These can be tasks related to the recruitment period, A1 documents, check-in, EHIC, complaints, or anything else.


This table contains all the caregiver receivables that have been added to the system. This table contains information about the contract, customer, dates, number of days worked, salary amounts, additions, deductions, and more. One click takes you to the contract profile where the settlement was added.

Billing statements

Depending on the country where the Care Agency works, this option is used differently or is not used at all. Any billing can be added to statements. This option is popular among Care Agencies from Austria and Luxembourg, but not only. If the caregiver asks for statements of all settlements in any period, the Care Agency can generate such a statement in a few moments, and it will be presented in this tab.

The caregiver profile in the Hrily platform contains everything a Care Agency needs and nothing more. Search, options allow you to find any caregivers.

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