Where to place a job offer for a caregiver?

Most recruitment of caregivers for the elderly starts online. This is the fastest, cheapest way to establish contact between the Care Agency and the Caregiver Candidate. Below we describe a list of places on the Internet and not only, where you can place a job offer for a caregiver.

Facebook Groups

There are over 300 groups in Polish thematically related to care. They are differentiated in terms of:

  • Number of members – Some groups have more than 30,000 people
  • announcement language
  • number of posts
  • Topics of posts – job offers, tips, opinions

All agencies recruit Caregivers in this way, and it is incredibly effective.

Registration form on Hrily website

The Hrily CRM application has the ability to publish registration forms with job offers. The recruitment software allows you to add graphics and descriptions and is optimized for search. The biggest advantage of this way of searching for guardians is the domain on which the page with the form is published. This is a hrily.com that has:

  • A lot of content related to the care industry
  • high parameters and facilitates the positioning of the website
  • The whole tool is optimized for SEO

These pages may contain any content, graphics, and registration form. Caregiver after filling out the form:

  • receives thanks
  • His data is immediately saved in the ERP program Hrily
  • Employees are automatically informed about the new candidacy
  • In the caregiver profile, matched customers are available right away
  • consents granted by the guardian are saved in his profile

Registration form on your website

The Care Agency website is a great place to publish job advertisements for caregivers along with a registration form. Caregivers very often verify the Care Agency on the website. The information contained therein says a lot about this company. The Hrily CRM platform allows you to define any fields in the registration form. In addition, you can prepare consents with appropriate content, which, after acceptance, are kept in a dedicated tool for recruiters of caregivers of the elderly.

Registration form on the company page on Facebook

Care agencies whose recruiters are active on Facebook generate some traffic to your Facebook business page. Some caregivers get acquainted with job offers placed on the page of the Care Agency. In addition, in the profile, you can add a link to the registration form, which gives an additional option for acquiring caregivers.

Some Care Agencies continue to publish job advertisements in local newspapers. It’s not a way to reach many caregivers, but in the local community, it’s an alternative way to advertise your Care Agency. In addition, such information reaches people in the age range, who represent numerous carers of the elderly.

After entering phrases like:

At the very top, sponsored links pop up. One such click costs the Care Agency from 2 to 10 zlotys per click. This method has its advantages, which include quick effects. The downside of this method is the cost and skills required to set up the right ad.

Measure conversion of caregiver recruitment

A dedicated tool for Care Agencies allows you to measure conversions from all marketing activities. The system has data on:

  • Where did we get the caregiver from
  • When he went to work for the first time
  • How many times he go to work
  • How many days he work
  • What were the revenues, costs, and income in the contracts
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