HRILY versus the requirements of German Care Agencies

When designing the Hrily platform, we planned from the beginning that all functions would be usable for Care Agencies from any country in Europe. Of course, the German market has been our priority task.

Principles and prepare

At the stage of analysis of the needs of the Care Agency, we invited many companies to prepare complete documentation. We were guided by two principles:

  • The first is to take into account all the requirements of the 24-hour Care Agencies in Germany
  • The second goal was to meet the expectations of target groups from other countries. For example, Care Agencies in Austria have another option for collecting information in the Pflegegrad field. Companies from Luxembourg report their caregivers to the client’s address for the duration of the contract. As a result, the account in the address of the caregiver shows the address of the client. These are different expectations towards the Agencies from Germany.

When designing the Hrily platform, we had to know these requirements from the very beginning.

At the end of 2022, we audited all the requirements of the Care Agencies from Germany and found that all of them are supported by our application.

Analysis German Market

We analyzed different types of Care Agencies from Germany( for example) :

  • Companies that transfer clients to the Care Agency from the country where the caregiver comes from
  • Companies that handle the entire process themselves
  • Companies with branches in many countries


This is a module that German Agencies usually use to a lesser extent. It also happens that they do not collect information about caregivers. This situation has also been taken into account.

Families (customers)

The client’s profile has been expanded by the needs of the Agencies from Germany, mainly in two areas:

  • Contact people have pinned activities that they do. These are( for example) :

payer, decision-making, participation in the first interview, who wants to get a bill, SOS bracelet connection. The challenge was the need to gather institutions in contact. These are pharmacies that prepare medicines and additional services such as Pflegedienst. (We are referring here, for example, to a situation in which a qualified nurse visits the patient to administer medicines, injections, etc.) Hrily also supports such options.

  • The second area was the profile of the charge, which has several additional fields made in accordance with the requirements of customers from Germany. These are,, breaks in care, self-determination of the elderly person, loss of decision-making power for the benefit of another person, recognition of persons, hearing, vision, health insurance, etc


The standard requirement of the Care Agencies in Germany turned out to be the need to add instead of the caregiver > the Care Agency, which sends the caregiver and executes the contract. We have fulfilled this expectation.

Calculation of commission percentages

A popular method of calculating the remuneration of the 24-hour Care Agencies from Germany is a percentage commission calculated from:

  • The fee to be paid by the customer
  • fees borne by the customer, taking into account various deductions and additions.

We have also met this requirement, and the configuration allows us to implement all scenarios.

Registration forms

Care agencies from Germany had a need to create very extensive registration forms for clients and charges. They were to take into account the profile of the client and many charges.

It is worth adding that we have additionally performed consent management, which can be easily added to forms. Accepted consents are saved in the profile of customers who have registered.

Thanks to the great commitment of our team and our partners, we were able to learn all the secrets of the Care Agencies work from many countries in Europe. Our programmers have created a tool that facilitates the work of hundreds of users. We will not stop there. We strive for continuous development and expansion of our knowledge to be able to meet your expectations on an ongoing basis. The next steps will be functions not directly related to Care Agencies. For example, these are:

  • Automatic tasks
  • Further integrations
  • Electronic signature
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