What is the difference between a nursing home and residential care?

Nursing Home

Nursing Home is a common name for DPS or Social Welfare Home. It is a facility to which elderly people are most often admitted, requiring constant special assistance, both medical and in everyday activities. The costs are usually 70% of the applicant’s income. Most often, for every 20 residents, there is one person providing help, which, as we know, does not meet the expectations of all people. Over time, new opportunities and solutions began to emerge so that every senior in need of assistance and his family would be satisfied with the care services.

Care with residence

Old age is difficult, we lose health. This is a special time for an elderly person. It is very important that the senior can spend time in an environment that

  • knows well
  •  has neighbor
  •  lives in his house / flat
  •  He uses his belongings, i.e. cutlery, plates, and many other favorite items.

Guided by the good of close people, families decide to keep the senior in their home and engage support.


Care with residence due to its specificity is divided into several categories:

  • Companionship, consisting of spending time together, such as; conversations or other activities.
  •  Personal, consisting of helping the senior with activities such as; dressing or washing.
  •  Personal with assistance in moving – here, additionally a caregiver, helps the mentee in moving daily.
  •  Medical assistance – a caregiver or a specialized nurse supervises the intake of medicines and the time of their administration.


Care with residence is also divided into types due to time:

  • round-the-clock – the caregiver is ready to help the patient 24 hours
  •  Nocturnal – most often chosen by families of people suffering from Alzheimer’s who suffer from insomnia. A caregiver is required to be vigilant and watch over such a person
  •  hourly – to be agreed with family or senior
  •  Weekend – most often chosen by families with seniors who spend weekends away from home and at this time can not afford to take care of an elderly person

Pros and cons

Care with housing as well as a nursing home has pros and cons. However, more often seniors and their families opt for residential care if it is within the financial reach of the family. The most important thing in this case is the possibility of living in a well-known environment by the senior. An additional factor here is the ability of the Caregiver to watch over the patient at all times, which unfortunately is not in the Nursing Home. Many opportunities on the market are available for families to choose from. Care services are well-developed in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. They offer the widest range of choices. Care services are often provided by carers from Poland, Slovakia, Romania, or Bulgaria. Many of them speak German very well and have completed many courses, raising the qualifications of the Caregiver of an elderly person.

Hrily on the Care Agency Market

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