Types of care agencies and their roles in the process of organizing care services

The Hrily platform is adapted to the requirements of Care Agencies from all over Europe. In the process of organizing care services with a residence, these companies are responsible for various stages of the whole process. Cooperation between Care Agencies and sharing of responsibilities is widespread. Therefore, one contract is organized:

  • with the Muller family from Berlin
  • by the caregiver Shevchenko from Ukraine
  • in February and March 2022

is often added in Hrily, independently by 3 different Care Agencies.

Account of the Care Agency from Berlin

This company has acquired a family that is looking for a care service. She interviewed the family and forwarded the family profile with the requirements to her partner – the Care Agency of Poland. This company needs to add a contract, that complements:

  • The Muller family from Berlin
  • the time interval when the care service is provided
  • details of the caregiver or the Care Agency that organizes the care service
  • adds a settlement that the Care Agency from the Polish will pay as a commission

Care Agency Account from Warsaw

This company receives the requirements of a family from Berlin, where one of the requirements is the nationality of the caregiver. The caregiver is to come from Ukraine. To search for a caregiver, he turns to a partner agency recruiting caregivers from Ukraine. The partner agency finds a suitable caregiver and the contract is implemented. A company from Warsaw needs to add a contract, where complements

  • The Muller family from Berlin
  • time interval when the service is provided,
  • Data of the caregiver from Ukraine
  • adds 3 types of settlements

The family pays the Agency from Poland

This is usually a monthly rate of Euros. If you work part of the month, the software calculates daily wages and all receivables. This company may add additional charges for a trip, Covid test, or other reasons that will cover the customer. Of course, these fees depend on the contract.

The agency from Polish pays the caregiver for the work

Often it is a Polish agreement. The types of contracts with the caregiver are diverse and depend on the Care Agency. The rate is usually per month, and the method of calculating the daily wage depends on the arrangements. Additional compensation for the caregiver depends on the policy of the Care Agency from Poland. The Hrily CRM program allows you to handle all scenarios and options.

The agency from Polish pays a commission to the Care Agency from Berlin

It is usually calculated every month or a percentage rate of the fee paid by the Family Care Agency from Warsaw. Arrangements for holidays, and additions, are to be added to the application.

Account of recruitment agency from Kiev

This agency adds the following data to its account to handle all data. These are:

  • The Muller family from Berlin
  • time interval when the caregiver works
  • the rate of the caregiver or the rate of the family in case the remuneration of the Care Agency from Ukraine is calculated as a percentage or
  • monthly rate for recruiting a caregiver

Types of Cooperation between Care Agencies

Therefore, we can see that the relationships between Care Agencies from Germany, Poland, and Ukraine can be complicated. How should individual Care Agencies mark their partners in the Hrily CRM platform? All Care Agencies in their Hrily accounts can add partners. These are companies that cooperate in organizing care services at any stage. In the profile of the partner company, we have 5 markings that indicate the type of cooperation between the companies. In your account in the ERP platform for Care Agencies, in the Partners module, you need to add profiles of your Partners.

Customer acquisition

If a given Partner provides you with customer profiles, this option must be activated. This means that you will be able to assign this Partner in the Acquired from Partner field in the customer profile. Most agencies from Poland, Slovakia, and Lithuania have this option activated.

Acquiring caregivers

If the Partner provides you with profiles of caregivers of the elderly, this option must be activated. This will allow you to assign a partner in the mentor candidate profile in the acquired from Partner field. This is an option that is usually meant by Care Agencies from Ukraine, as well as partly from Poland, Bulgaria, or Romania.


Care Agencies in Germany transmit the client’s profile to the Partner Care Agency. Very often it happens that they do not know the data of the caregiver, and they need to mark which Partner handles a given contract. In the Partner profile, the Contracts option must be activated. Instead of a caregiver, you will be able to choose the option Mentor from the Partner NAME that implements the contract. The Hrily system will allow you to add all settlements with the client and Partners, including the calculation of the commission of the Care Agency from Germany. This solution is suitable for our German customers.

Customer handover

Care agencies in Germany forward family profiles to partner Care Agencies. It happens that one profile is forwarded to several companies. In the table forwarded to partners, you can add multiple Care Agencies to which this profile has been transferred. The platform stores the date and time as well as the description. This option is popular among German Care Agencies.

Transfer of caregivers

Care agencies that specialize in recruiting caregivers for the elderly transfer recruited employees to partner companies. These are, for example, agencies from Ukraine. These types of companies activate the Caregiver transfer option in their partner profiles. This means that in the caregiver profile, you will be able to add a list of Care Agencies where the caregiver profile w

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