Best Caregiver Agencies for the Elderly in Poland

Which Care Agencies are the best? – This is a question that many caregivers ask themselves.

The answer to this question is simple.

“Those who care about their employees.”

You ask: What Care Agencies care about their employees?

Those give employees the right tools to help organize work for caregivers. As a result, these people have space and time for caregivers and families. They also have the time and ability to quickly find well-matched orders for the right people.

Examples of differences in the operation of the Care Agency, which uses the right tools, thanks to which recruiters and coordinators have more time to contact the caregiver and families

– Caregiver has automatic matches – 0 clicks / 15 minutes search

– Taking into account preferred locations – 0 clicks / not possible unless the AO employee remembers

– Rejection of lifting, getting up at night, or other responsibilities – 5 seconds / not being able to find all families

– Automatic contact with families, partners – 10 seconds / 2 minutes

– Fast document creation – 10 seconds / 5 minutes

– Tips on which rides to organize – 0 clicks / 10 minutes

For example, operations Care Agencies that do not have the right tools work in a manual way that does not take into account all possibilities and takes a lot of time. This is at the expense of contact with caregivers and clients. This hurts the work of caregivers of the elderly.

Ask if your Care Agency uses the Hrily platform. Work with the best

In addition to caregivers, the employees of the Care Agency also include people who deal with recruitment, coordination, documents, settlements, travel, and many other things. It is these employees who have or do not have the right amount of time to find the right place for caregivers. The Hrily platform is helpful in all processes.

On our homepage, you will find a selection of Care Agencies that use Hrily.

What question to ask the Care Agency

  • accommodation
  •  Who lives in the house
  •  my room
  •  free time
  •  the exact list of duties
  •  type of contract, rates, ZUS contributions, and others

How many years on the market is the Care Agency

Care agencies that have operated on the market for a long time know that it is worth taking care of the relationship with their caregivers. Of course, this is not the golden rule, but a tendency.

How long the Care Agency serves the family (client)

If a given Care Agency has been serving a given family for some time, it knows from practice what the situation is on the spot. Caregivers share such knowledge. In the case when the caregiver is to go to a family that is just starting to cooperate with a given Care Agency, there is always a risk that someone has not told the whole truth. It can be a family, a German Agency, or a Polish Agency.

What happens in a specific situation if…..

Whether there is an emergency phone. 24h / 7 days a week

Family profile in PDF

It is common practice to create a Caregiver profile in PDF in German and send it to the family. This is hardly surprising because it is very important for families who will take care of their loved ones. Some Care Agencies also create a family profile in the language of the caregiver so that the caregiver can familiarize himself with a specific offer.

Documents, payment, deadlines

No warranties

Our team contacts many Care Agencies. These are teams that try to take care of relationships with caregivers and families. However, you should always remember that the Care Agency does not have full control over everything. In particular, this is evident in the case of diseases and other family requirements. Shortly before the order, the person in charge may not require help with eating, getting up at night, or being transferred to a wheelchair. All interested parties can be fully convinced of this. During the duration of the order, the situation can change quickly, and the caregiver may be surprised by such a situation. Such circumstances, of course, can happen.

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