Tools to increase the effectiveness of recruitment – Caregivers

Recruitment companies are increasingly striving for the best candidates. Very often, the caregiver of an elderly person maintains contact with several Care Agencies and chooses an offer from the company that will make the best impression. From the candidate’s point of view, the following counts:

  • professional, well-prepared registration form
  • properly described the position for which you are recruiting
  • Response time after registration
  • structured recruitment process
  • quickly proposed work with available details
  • documents sent in minutes

How does the Hrily platform help in these areas?

All stages of recruitment are maximally optimized. From the point of view of the candidate for a caregiver, the whole process is professional, and fast, and the employee of the Care Agency has unlimited possibilities to filter the boxes to offer the right one. The process ends with quickly creating documents, sending them to the supervisor, and organizing rides that Hrily helps to coordinate.

It is worth noting that the Hrily platform is dedicated to the care industry, but due to the number of functions, ease of use, and configuration options, it is also used by companies to recruit employees for other positions.

Registration forms

Adding forms is very simple and can be freely edited. All recruiters can have their forms depending on their preferences and places where they recruit candidates for caregivers of the elderly.

Forms added to the Hrily platform are published on the domain, which affects positioning. The best-prepared registration forms are effectively positioned in the Google search engine.

Modern look and feel for forms

The Hrily platform allows you to add graphic elements simply. The extensive WYSIWYG editor supports many tools that allow you to give an attractive look to our forms. The content that is posted can be any.

Job description

The job description in the recruitment form can be arbitrarily long. This is an issue that is not obvious, because there are caregivers who want to have a detailed description, and for the rest, the amount of information can be overwhelming, which will result in the completion of the completion. The job description can be optimized for organic search and such forms are well-positioned.

The Care Agency can add to Hrily all the approvals it obtains from caregivers and clients. They may be consents to the processing of personal data, marketing, and others. Consent can be added to the registration form and decide whether they are mandatory. After completing the form, the consent is automatically saved in the profile of the account manager and the client.

Response time after registration

This is one of the most important criteria that makes a difference in the eyes of a family that is looking for care services and caregivers. After registration, the caregiver and family are redirected to a page where you can add:

What distinguishes Hrily from the other tools available for recruitment is the maximum automation that has been done for the Care Agency. In the profile of the account manager and client, there is a list with automatic matches, so you can immediately offer specific steels. If one of the pages has unique requirements, you can easily filter the data.

What does the recruiter have to do?

The system will immediately inform the recruiter about the new application from the Caregiver. Contact can occur immediately. In Hrily, parameters are configured, so the employee is limited to asking questions in turn. It is worth adding that after completing the profile in any language, you can immediately create documents in any other language.

Recruitment process step by step

The status of a candidate for a tutor indicates the stage of recruitment. From the caregiver’s profile, you can send emails from previously made templates about each status change. Once the recruitment process is complete, the employee responsible for connecting caregivers with clients will be informed immediately.

The first shelf for the caregiver

How long does it take for you to offer your first shelf? In the Hrily platform, just one click away you have a list of matching families for a given caregiver.

Create documents quickly

Document templates were prepared at the beginning of using Hrily. In the case of a new caregiver choose a contract and the platform will generate a ready-made completed profile in PDF form. The system provides the possibility of:

  • make a change
  • Add graphics to a document
  • processing document workflow through a system of configurable activities
  • Preview to the generated document
  • Preview a scan of a signed document
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