Top 7 Features That the Most Effective Care Agencies Use


During several years of cooperation with partners, we have noticed,, that work in the Care Agency can be divided into two groups of tasks.

The first of them is administrative work related to data, i.e. Excel, Word, statements, settlements, and statistics.

The second is related to contact with people: interviews with caregivers, etc.

The best care agencies take care of a high level of care services, not forgetting about good working conditions for caregivers. For this purpose, the first group of tasks must be as automated as possible so that as much time and attention as possible can be devoted to people, i.e. carers and families.

Hrily is an Intelligent Platform for Care Agency 24 that maximizes the efficiency of the first group of tasks. Below, we have described in our opinion the most important tools for recruiters. See how it works in practice.

Registration forms

You can configure registration forms for all places where you acquire caregivers, i.e.: Facebook groups, company website, forums, Facebook page, and others. There can be many forms, and each form can contain a different set of information.

Links placed on the web are available all the time, so once done work you can get caregivers practically indefinitely.

After registration of the caregiver system

  • Adds a new caregiver to the platform
  • All data entered into the system is immediately visible
  • The recruiter, coordinator, source of acquisition, status, and other data are automatically filled in according to the configuration
  • Hrily will indicate the number of new candidates to the appropriate person without additional clicking, and one click on the quarend will cause you to see all caregivers after registration in the table (the table with caregivers will have such columns as you can conveniently set).

Caregiver profile in PDF

After saving, the caregiver profile immediately allows you to generate a profile in German, English, and Polish with one click.

Automatic customer and account manager matches

The caregiver profile provides automatic matches where the caregiver can work. You don’t have to do anything.

In case the caregiver has unique requirements, you can filter clients by many parameters.

Searching for the right family is possible after hundreds of configurations, so the caregiver can go to the best-fit family. The system will also show you breaks in customer care and breaks in the availability of a caregiver.

In just 15 seconds, you will receive a list of customers who have the following characteristics:

  • Driving licence required
  • German at a good level
  • Care in a postal code starting at 30
  • In one ward, a woman
  • No acceptance of smoking

The Hrily platform allows you to manage all consents that are presented in the profile of the caregiver. You can add any consents to the registration forms and their acceptance will be saved in the platform.

GDPR / right to forget

Personal data is stored in one place, which in the case of the need to delete personal data is possible and as simple as possible.

The recruiter-friendly panel allows you to complete tasks with a minimum number of clicks


Extensive configurability provides access to selected information in a nutshell. Each user configures their dashboard for their responsibilities. From the dashboard, you can go to a selected record or a group of records with one click.

Top beam

It shows you at all times the current number of records that meet your requirements. For example, these can be:

  • Caregivers during recruitment
  • Number of caregivers added in the last 7/30 / 180 days
  • Number of caregivers who have a birthday today
  • Number of German verifications to perform today

The most extensive search allows you to search by a lot of data

Diversity of tasks

The variety of tasks requires you to preview different data, so the option to manage columns is very helpful. The table can have any columns in any order. Switching between them takes one click.

Comfortable quartends

You can save your most frequent searches as quarends. One-click shows you a table with filters and columns set.

Quick comments are one of the favorite functions of recruiters

Interview with the caregiver

The interview with the caregiver consists of completing the fields in the caregiver’s profile. Hrily contains exactly what the Care Agency needs, so it also has the right places to complete all the information.

All data in one place

In the caregiver profile, all contracts, generated documents, files, tasks, settlements, etc. are available.

We have presented a list of the most important facilities in Hrily related to the recruitment of caregivers. The scope of improvements is similar for:

  • customer acquisition
  •  coordination of contracts
  •  creating documents
  •  billing of clients
  •  caregivers and partners

If your role in the Care Agency also involves these tasks, please email or call us, and we will be happy to introduce you to more opportunities for Hrily.

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