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The care industry in Europe relies on cooperation between partner Care Agencies. Most companies work with intermediaries, partners, and caregiver recruitment companies. Models of cooperation between Agencies are complicated, and it often happens that one Care Agency implements several models of cooperation, and acquires clients and caregivers directly.

ERP for Care Agencies supports all models of cooperation. Below, we have described 4 basic models of cooperation. One Agency may apply all models of cooperation at the same time.

Profile of the Partner Care Agency

Models of Cooperation between Care Agencies

Entrusting clients to provide care services

A popular model of work among Care Agencies from Germany is to acquire a client and transfer his profile to one or several Partners. These are mostly companies from Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania or Bulgaria. In this case, the Entrusting client’s option should be activated in the profile of the partner Care Agency. In the client profiles, you can indicate many Partner Agencies where the profile has been transferred.

Entrustment of caregivers

Some Care Agencies limit their activities to the recruitment of carers for the elderly. These companies, after recruiting a candidate for a caregiver, transfer his profile to partner Care Agencies. Such a model is common in countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, and Poland. In this case, the option Entrusting caregivers should be activated in the profile of the partner Care Agency. In the supervisor profile, you will be able to indicate one or more companies to which the employee profile has been transferred.

Receiving a customer profile for care

If your company receives customer profiles from partners, the Customer Acquisition option must be activated in Hrily. In the family profile, you will be able to select the name of the Partner in the Acquired from Partner field. This information will remain in the system. This is a common model in the case of Care Agencies from Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, or Croatia.

Receiving a profile of caregivers for the elderly

If your Agency receives caregiver profiles from a Partner Company, the Recruitment of caregivers option should be activated in the Agency’s profile. In the profiles of caregivers and candidates for caregivers of the elderly, it will be possible to select a given Partner Agency in the field acquired from a Partner. This is a popular model of operation of Care Agencies from Poland, Slovakia, and other countries.


To add a branch of the Agency, enter the Partners module. We choose the profile we are interested in. On the right side of the Branches tab, click on the plus above, then complete the necessary information such as; address, telephone, postal code, or city.


To complete the information needed to contact a potential Partner Care Agency, we also enter the Partners module, select the profile we are interested in, and then click on the Add Contacts tab.

The information needed to save is;

  • telephone
  • address
  • position
  • Email

Hrily CRM provides data protection with the highest standards.

Bank accounts

Below the tab with contacts, we have the opportunity to complete the data on bank accounts. To fill in the information, just click on the add tab located on the right, at the height of the bank accounts tab. It is worth mentioning that among the possibilities, there is an option to choose the currency in the Euro.


At the very bottom of the page in the profile of a potential Partner, there is a tab with Files. You can upload here, for example, scans of contracts, everything that is needed in the process of implementing a new potential Partner. This is an extraordinary facilitation of work because all the files that you upload are in one place.

Additional tables


Documents created with the data of a given partner Care Agency are available in the Documents tab. With one click, we can go to the document’s profile, where you can find all the information related to the cooperation between cooperating Care Agencies.


In this tab, we have the ability to view all saved, and current tasks.


In this tab, we display collectively the options of all settlements with all data. Hrily’s CRM software that the Affiliate Care Agency can be the payer or the recipient of the payment.

Entrusted Caregivers and Entrusted Clients

In the platform, there is a table where clients and caregivers who have been handed over to a given Care Agency are presented. This is an extraordinary facilitation of work, while the Care Agency from Poland closely cooperates with the Partner Agency from abroad. You can easily check the intensity of cooperation with partner 24-hour Care Agencies.

Send an E-mail message

The tab called Messages in the partner profile is used to send emails. In the same table is a list of previously sent messages. Messages are created from templates, where all data is automatically populated with data from the Hrily program.


In the profile of the partner Care Agency, a field for entering a quick comment is presented at all times. This is information entered manually with arrangements. ERP software for Care Agencies records who, on what day, and at what time, they added a given comment.

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