Profile of a family seeking care services 24h

When saving the patient’s data, we have the option of marking the period of care. If care for a person is no longer needed, we can indicate the date of termination of care or the date of death.

We can indicate the scope of decision-making of the mentee – from full to lost to a specific person that we can indicate.

24-hour care breaks

Breaks in care are periods when the family takes care of the mentee. Another reason for a break in care is a visit to the hospital or Sanitarium. During such periods, the caregiver does not look after the person.

Requirements for the caregiver

The requirements for the caregiver have been divided into sections. This is to group requirements and responsibilities. All these lists are completely customizable. In addition, you can add a description to save your unique requirements. The sections include:

  • Disease
  • Training courses
  • Body hygiene
  • Move
  • Nutrition
  • Running a house
  • Free time
  • Medical treatments
  • Sleep activities
  • Transfer
  • Auxiliary measures
  • Daily activities
  • Other

Patient’s daily plan

Information about the patient’s daily schedule is information that is particularly valuable at the beginning of the caregiver’s work. In the plan of the day, you can save:

  • Meal times
  • Rehabilitation
  • Walks
  • Appointments
  • Hours of taking medication and others

Requirements for the caregiver

Families seeking care services often have exact requirements for a caregiver. The basic requirements include:

  • language level
  • Covid status
  • minimum and maximum age
  • driving licence
  • smoking

In addition, we have dozens of other options to mark the requirements in the profile of the family seeking care services.

Finances – framework arrangements with the family

Finances are one of the most important elements of the client’s profile. The budget at the disposal of the family is available to all interested employees of the Care Agency. CRM for Care Agencies allows you to save:

  • Rates
  • What are the surcharges for
  • How to transfer the bill
  • Partner commissions

Create a customer profile in PDF format

Creating a customer profile and sending it to the caregiver is important so that the caregiver has as much information as possible before making a decision. A family profile with all children can be created in a few seconds in many language versions.


A person who is a formal customer can have three types of addresses:

  • residence
  • check-in
  • to correspondence

However, the most important address is the Care address, which indicates where the care service will be provided.

Types of addresses can be extended with any options in the ERP system configuration. One address can be marked with any list of address types. You can add or remove an address type from an address as you like.

It is worth adding that all contacts in the customer profile have options to enter addresses and contact details.

Accommodation offered

One of the questions that the caregiver asks is those related to accommodation issues. The caregiver will be in this place at all times, so this is of great importance. The discrepancies in the accommodation offered by families are huge, so this information must be included in the caregiver’s profile.

The list of elements related to accommodation is completely customizable. There may be information there :

  • detached house / flat
  • room size
  • room
  • distance to shops, bus stop


Before starting cooperation with a given family, the Care Agency must collect many files. These are contracts, photos, statements, and other files. The Hrily platform allows you to collect multiple files with the option of adding a description.

Additional tables

There are many elements related to the client (family) in the Care Agency. The Hrily CRM system contains all customer information in one place.


Here you can check all caregivers who have had any contact with this family. So these are caregivers who were:

  • proposed
  • rejected
  • cancelled
  • accepted by the client, but the caregiver for some reason resigned
  • where, are, and will be with a given client


All generated documents related to this family or contracts with this family are available in one table. You can go straight to your Documents profile or download it.


The tasks relate to various activities that the employees of the Care Agency perform. These can be preparing an offer, sending documents, handling complaints, issuing an invoice, and others. This table lists all the tasks associated with the family. We can easily go to the task profile.


During the conversation with the customer about the amount of fees, you can easily get a complete statement. The table contains the most important data, such as:

  • contract number
  • What was the caregiver like
  • date
  • billing month
  • stake
  • Number of days worked
  • additions and deductions
  • total value

Billing statements

Settlements are added to statements. Customers usually receive a statement every month. The table presents all statements with the most important information, and with one click we can go to the profile of the statement.

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