Partner Care Agencies

Care services in which the caregiver lives with the mentee are offered by Care Agencies 24 hours a day, which guarantee care 366 days a year. The largest recipient of this type of services are families from Germany. In most cases, two Care Agencies are involved in care services.

Families decide to use the help of a caregiver in the event that someone in their family is unable to function independently. This happens in the case of the elderly, after accidents or with disabilities.

Scheme of work organization of the caregiver of an elderly person

Care Agency where the client (family) comes from

Families who seek care services contact local Care Agencies. This is possible thanks to a personal visit to the home where care is to take place and getting to know the family. An additional advantage is the ability to ask about all important elements, see the conditions in which the caregiver will live and wor

Care Agencies where the caregiver of the elderly comes from

Recruitment of a caregiver takes place in the country where the caregivers come from. This is due to the possibility of employment, meeting in person, and conducting the entire recruitment process in the native language of the caregiver. Of course, the caregivers speak German, but usually this is a level that does not allow recruitment in German.

Cooperation between Polish and German Care Agencies

An agency from Germany and Polish establish business relations and complement each other in the process of organizing 24h care services. The German side provides a customer profile, which contains information about the people to be cared for, the scope of work to be carried out and the accommodation.

The agency from Polish is looking for caregivers who meet the client’s requirements. In the first place, these are the following parameters :

In addition, there are dozens of other parameters that are important for many customers, and sometimes even more important.

The family receives one or more proposals. These are uploaded profiles of caregivers in German that contain the most important information about the qualifications and experience of the caregiver.

At the moment when the family and the caregiver decide on each other, a transfer of the caregiver to the family is organized. In the meantime, all the necessary documents are created.

During the execution of the contract (order), both Care Agencies monitor the cooperation between the family and the caregiver.

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