Language requirements at the Care Agency

The language requirements of families (clients) are one of the most important criteria that the caregiver must meet. This has a significant impact on the rates proposed by the Care Agency. In Hrily, all language-related topics are configurable, so the system adapts to your team, not the other way around.

Care languages

It is usually the case that the Care Agency specializes in the care of clients from one country. This leads to a situation where more than 90% of customers require knowledge of one language. Germany is a good example. Sometimes, however, the language of care is to be different from German, so it is worth adding these options. Some patients require the caregiver to know sign language, which is very unusual, but it happens. Adding new languages in Hrily can be done in seconds.

Language levels

All Care Agencies can set their language levels. Teams that implement Hrily do not have to learn a different nomenclature. The software adapts to your requirements.

Order of language levels

We have made sure that the list of language levels is displayed in the correct order. The order itself can be set in the configuration in a few moments. The order of language levels is one for the qualifications of the maintainer and the requirements of the client.

Language level description

Clients (families) are not clear on how the caregiver uses a given language after reading a few words. We have added the ability to add a description for each level that you enter yourself once at the very beginning. Additional information specifying a given level of language proficiency may include practical information on speaking, writing, and understanding.

Automatic adjustments

Auto-adjustments are one of the users’ favorite tools. Adjustment mode includes two levels:

  • Includes records with missing data
  • Only records that match the criteria

One list of languages and levels for clients and maintainers

The list of languages and levels is one for maintainers and clients. This allows you to maintain system consistency and make automatic adjustments.

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