Meeting before the implementation of the program for Care Agencies

On March 15, the eighth meeting with the team of the Care Agency from Poznań took place, which aimed to clarify further issues. The main goal is to implement a CRM system in the Care Agency. We made our first presentation about 6 months ago. This process takes a lot of time because this team has a very extensive ERP tool that has many advantages. This tool was made in 2005. It has been modified many times over the years, but there is no possibility to introduce further improvements that are needed for the efficient operation of care services.

List of issues raised

At the meeting, we discussed several new needs of the Care Agency staff.

Modules can be commented on, but employees lack a summary table with all the comments added. Additionally, the comment should have a kind added. This is important from the point of view of tracking the number of operations performed in the contract with the caregiver, or client. In addition, you can analyze the number of operations of recruitment employees.

Filtering by postal codes is in several places.

The caregiver can indicate location preferences. One option is to enter a postal code. The client has a care address, where the postal code is also entered. Current filtering in Hrily does not include the Starts with filtering option.

Both suggestions are very good and have been forwarded to our programmers.

Settlement of care services on an hourly basis

We checked at the meeting how care services can be handled by the hour. The team of the Care Agency from Poznań was informed from the very beginning that this was not Hrily’s goal, but the goal was to outline the needs and analyze the possibilities of implementing selected areas. The schedule of meetings the caregiver can be done in tasks, in the calendar. In addition, we can handle the process of tracking arrangements related to the visit. Hourly settlements can be handled in Hrily, but it is not a convenient tool. The team from Poznań determined that the calculation of hourly care payments will be carried out in spreadsheets. The amount who will pay can be added as a service, where the selected amount is entered. The calculation file can be added to the contract or customer profile. Then, in Hrily, you can issue a statement (bill) for the client in the same way as in the case of care services with residence.

To sum up, we created the Hrily ERP program for people from the Care Agency to facilitate and optimize their work. We are ready to help you with the implementation of the entire program, and at any time answer your questions. We believe in close cooperation based on readiness to help and trust.

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