Hrily Connect

Hrily Connect is a functionality/service that has been added to the Hrily platform to automate the work of companies offering round-the-clock care services. It consists in linking two accounts of Care Agencies that work together. This allows companies to upload customer (family), caregiver, and contract profiles in just a few clicks.

How long does it take to start the service?

Connecting the two accounts of the cooperating Care Agency takes just a minute. Just uploading a family profile is limited to 6 clicks. The following articles provide step-by-step instructions.

How do I send customer (family) profiles to my partner?

How to receive customer profiles (families) from a partner?

What does the Agency from Germany gain?

Thanks to the use of Hrily Connect, German companies save time that they would lose by performing such necessary and routine activities as:

  • Create a family profile PDF
  • sending a profile with findings to cooperating Agencies from Eastern Europe

What does an agency from Central and Eastern Europe gain?

  • no need to analyze the content of emails and family profiles;
  • automatically add a family profile to Hrily;
  • Assign a family description from a PDF to your settings
  • all data is immediately in the system and is available for search;
  • The platform itself will inform about a new family that needs care services.

Are you looking for partner Care Agencies in Europe?

Once Hrily has been implemented, we will inform our customers that your company uses Hrily Connect and is ready to work with you at the highest level.

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