How to start a care services company?

Setting up a care company for seniors is a challenge that requires determination and solid preparation. Due to the progressive aging of the population and increasing life expectancy, this industry is becoming more and more promising. However, if you want to start operating in it, you need to prepare for a lot of competition. The key to effective business in this area is high efficiency. Nowadays, when the market is becoming more and more competitive, you can not forget about the selection of appropriate software that will ensure high automation of processes. The right tools and strategies are the foundation that will allow your agency to offer care services for the elderly at the highest level.

Tools to improve work

There are many tools available that can significantly facilitate everyday work and streamline business processes. These include specialized systems for managing the care agency, enabling monitoring of work schedules, controlling costs, and caring for the quality of services. In addition, customer and employee data management systems support effective planning and adaptation of offers to the individual needs of the mentees. Professional help in the implementation of computer programs may be crucial, which is why we invite people who want to set up a business in care for free consultations. It is also worth investing in tools for communication and monitoring the work of remote employees, which is extremely important in the context of a flexible work model. Appropriate systems enable care agency owners to manage their teams more effectively, improve service delivery, and increase industry competitiveness.

ERP / CRM system for Care Agencies

Hrily’s intelligent platform significantly improves running your own business. The program is guided and developed by the requirements of businesses in the round-the-clock care industry.

Classifieds portal

An automatically updating classifieds portal for caregivers saves the team’s time and increases its efficiency. Qualified caregivers of the elderly as well as people who are just starting their careers in the care industry will find their proposals adequate to their expectations. Automation in posting jobs for caregivers gives you more time for other responsibilities.

Care Services Portal

Running a business involves the need to acquire customers. You can do this in several ways. However, the most effective of them is the publication of advertisements with care services on the Hrily portal. This action is done automatically, as is posting job offers for caregivers. Direct acquisition of German families results in no commission for the intermediary. This will give your business more control over the care of the elderly.

Company registration

Every person dreaming of their own business will at some point face the inevitable task of registering a company. Although it may seem complicated, it is a step-by-step process. Modern online tools and the growing number of consultation points for entrepreneurs make a guide to the registration path at your fingertips. It is important to carefully familiarize yourself with any requirements. Starting your own online business can take just a few minutes. Running a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company is well described on the web, so it should not cause you problems.

Choosing the right legal form for your business is one of the most important decisions associated with setting up your own business. It is on it that many aspects of the functioning of the business depend, ranging from legal liability to costs, and ending with the method of management. Is it better to opt for a sole proprietorship, a civil law partnership, or maybe a limited liability company? Each of these forms has its pros and cons, which are worth carefully analyzing, taking into account the individual needs and development plans of the enterprise.


Taxation is one of the key elements that affect the profitability of the business. Choosing the right tax system can significantly affect the financial success of a company. Depending on the country, various forms of taxation may apply, such as a lump sum, tax card, or flat tax. To make the best decision for you, it is worth consulting a tax advisor who will help you carefully analyze the company’s finances and advise you on what solution will be the most beneficial.


While location may not be an absolute priority in the care industry, it is still an important part of planning. It should be understood that in the care of seniors, where the caregiver lives with the mentee, priority is given to the needs and comfort of both the charges and the caregivers. This is why many care companies allow their employees to work remotely. Flexibility in where services are provided can contribute to hiring the best caregivers, regardless of location. It is also worth considering who should visit your company’s headquarters. Will they be potential customers, business partners, or caregivers of the elderly? Locating the business in a good place can facilitate meetings. However, keep in mind that in today’s technology-dominated world, there are other ways to establish relationships as well. Therefore, it is worth balancing these aspects and adapting your business strategy to the requirements of the market and the needs of customers and employees.


The headquarters is the center of activity, crucial for the efficiency of the entire project. When choosing the right place for it, it is worth considering first of all the size of the team you plan to hire. Office space should not only be spacious enough to accommodate employees but also adapted to their needs and comfort. The planned growth of a care company also requires flexibility – when choosing a location, consider whether it will be able to accommodate a growing workforce. It is also worth paying attention to the interior design, which can affect the working atmosphere and motivation of employees. Facilities such as ergonomic workstations, relaxation spaces, or access to the kitchen can increase the comfort of living in the office and support the creativity of the team. Attention to these details at the company’s headquarters has a chance to affect its success and ability to attract and retain proven care staff.

Remote work, stationary, or maybe hybrid?

How to choose a work model for your care company?

In the context of setting up a care company, where caregivers live at home with dependents, choosing the right work model is a key decision. The elderly care industry is unique in that there are no age restrictions for employees. This allows you to hire both experienced caregivers and younger people who can bring a fresh perspective to the industry. As a result, family-friendly policies and flexible working hours can become an asset, attracting employees of all ages and with different life needs. As for the choice of work model, the possibility of choosing remote work can be invaluable. It gives caregivers flexibility in organizing their time and the chance to be close to their families. However, some responsibilities require on-site presence, such as planning and coordinating tasks. Therefore, it is worth considering a hybrid model that combines both the advantages of remote and stationary work, allowing for effective management of caregivers and ensuring that who and how often is at the company’s headquarters is adapted to the specifics of activities and the needs of the team.

Customer acquisition

Although the care platform makes it easier to get families to care, the following steps are necessary in the process:

  • determining whether the family is suitable for cooperation
  • signing the contract
  • gathering requirements for the scope of care for the elderly
  • careful selection of care staff
  • Older people’s needs – Verification
  • organizing rides
  • coordinating cooperation between families and carers
  • contract with the family, determining the time of service provision

Recruitment of caregivers

Connecting with people who are looking for work as caregivers is just the beginning. The next steps are:

  • recruitment; Be prepared for the fact that caregivers with references are sought after
  • determining the scope of care services that the person wants to provide
  • gathering information on elderly care courses
  • verification of the caregiver’s qualifications
  • documentation, settlements

All these processes can be handled simply and intuitively in the Hrily care program.

Partner agencies

If the idea for a company consists of the implementation of one of the activities:

  • Recruitment of caregivers
  • Attracting families to care for

it is worth using the Hrily Connect service. It involves transferring families and caregivers between Hrily’s accounts. The entire family or caregiver profile can be sent in 5 seconds. The agency receiving the data does not have to do anything. Of course, this operation is only possible after linking accounts.

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