We have been working with care agencies for a good few years. We conducted dozens of interviews with recruiters, thanks to which we could get to know and understand their needs more deeply. As a result of this cooperation, we have created Hrily – an intelligent platform for 24-hour Care Agencies.

How does Hrily help with recruitment?

First of all, this platform allows you to create and send registration links. Potential candidates receive a ready-made form in which they enter all the necessary information:

– personal data

– preferences as to the work performer

– expected remuneration, availability

– exclusions.

After sending the form, the guardian’s data goes to the system, and the dashboard will inform you about it.

Quick filtering of available contracts

In Hrily, recruiters can create customer and maintainer profiles by defining and automatically matching their preferences. Then they can filter them by parameters such as:

  • languages of Care
  • required level of care
  • Having a driver’s license
  • smoking
  • care address (region, postal code).

Statistical summaries

Thanks to this function, you can easily and quickly examine the statistics of trips and check the effectiveness and profitability of a given caregiver. In addition, check the effectiveness of channels for acquiring caregivers and customers.

What do you have by recruiting with Hrily?

  • The ability to send registration links to thousands of potential candidates.
  • Time – no need to rewrite and sort data.
  • Create a maintainer profile with one click.
  • GDPR compliance- One of the sensitive elements of recruitment is the storage and protection of personal data. By using Hrily, you can be sure that you meet these requirements 100%.

We’ve outlined here the most important opportunities that Hrily offers recruiters, but we have many more up our sleeves. If we want to create a tool that will facilitate your work, we would like to know your opinions. Willing people will be able to test the tool

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