How to attend two caregivers in one family?

The client has two caregivers

A situation where one client has two caregivers may happen in the following circumstances:

– Caregiver A is implemented by Caregiver B for the next few days

– Care Agency employs a couple

– The client has two Caregivers who share the work (the agreed division takes place in advance in consultation with the client)

The Hrily platform has taken such scenarios into account

In the panel, add two contracts:

– One for the client and the caregiver

– The second for the same client and the caregiver

At one time, the client can have one, two, or more contracts.

Adding data correctly entails numerous conveniences

– A complete story remains on the platform

– Documents can be generated for every caregiver

– Settlements are complete and indicate who, to whom, and for what period is to pay

– The history of trips is visible in the profiles of caregivers and the client

– The organization of transport is convenient, each caregiver has organized travel and returns separately

– The customer receives one or two invoices each month (depending on the arrangements)

– Caregiver profiles in PDF are created separately

– Any additions, deductions, travel costs, or advances are added to the appropriate contract, type of settlement, in the relevant month

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