Contract profile in the Care Agency

A contract is a combination of one client and one caregiver in a selected time interval. The contract profile contains all the information about this order. There is always one client and one selected caregiver in the contract. This allows for the appropriate structure of data related to contracts, settlements, and other elements.

One contract supports the following entities:

  • family (client)
  • optional family broker (client)
  • a caregiver of an elderly person or a partner agency that sends a caregiver to work
  • optional caregiver intermediary
  • optionally a transport company that takes the caregiver to the workplace
  • optionally, a transport company that drives the caregiver from the workplace

To add a new contract, enter the Contracts module and click on the Add window in the upper right corner. Then we mark and enter the necessary information, such as;

  • Client
  • Contract status
  • Date of commencement of care
  • Date of end of care

Period of care services

The period of care in one contract can last for any length of time. In the case of random situations, the dates of care can be easily changed. The CRM program automatically assumes that all days in this period are worked. In the contract profile is the Contract Calendar, where you can change the amount of work to:

  • so-called half (yellow color), i.e. the Caregiver works half of the set time on a given day
  • double day (red color), here the caregiver gets a double day’s wage, it can be, for example, when he works on the holiday
  • Full day (green) – ordinary working day
  • free day (grey)

To change the amount of work performed, click on a given day. The marked days are automatically converted into daily wages. The fixed number of daily wages will be included in settlements between all parties.

List of caregivers in the contract

Only one caregiver can be selected in the contract, but there may be multiple caregivers who:

  • were proposed to the client
  • were rejected by the customer
  • They themselves gave up for some reason

A list of all caregivers is available on the caregiver’s table. If your Agency does not know the details of the caregiver, you can choose the Care Agency that sends the caregiver under this contract. This is an important option, especially for a Care Agency from Germany.

When the caregiver is selected, his data is presented next to the client’s data in the contract. In addition, there is information next to the client and the caregiver:

  • contact
  • The name of the intermediary, caregiver, and the client
  • financial arrangements

To add a Caregiver Contract to your profile, click Add above the table with Caregivers. Then we choose a caregiver and assign him a status:

  • Proposal sent to the customer (waiting for the customer’s decision)
  • Accepted by the customer
  • Both parties confirmed – that this caregiver implements the contract
  • Rejected by the customer
  • Cancelled by caregiver

The above names of the caregiver status in the contract are just a suggestion. You can rename them and configure your own list.

Caregiver journeys

After selecting a caregiver to provide care services, you can proceed to the caregiver’s journey to the client. The ERP program for Care Agencies has the ability to organize travel to the place of care and return. The Hrily platform allows you to collect the following information in journeys:

  • shipping company
  • List of completed activities
  • payment status
  • transfer from – address – the list of addresses is selectable from the profile of the caregiver
  • transfer to
  • date and time

Quick tasks

One of the possibilities to facilitate work is also the option of adding quick tasks, located in each tab, on the gray field.


At each tab, we can also add comments and comments. They are available to the entire team. The application shows who and when a given entry is.

Contract settlements

Settlements can be made between 7 different parties. Care Agencies can have one or more bills of your choice. The Hrily for Care Agency program allows you to create settlements between all parties. These are:

  • Agency. This is your company
  • Caregiver for the elderly
  • Client, i.e. a family that uses a care service
  • A partner who handed over the customer
  • A partner who handed over the guardian
  • A transport company that transports a caregiver to work
  • A transport company that drives a caregiver from work

Each party may pay each party.

Settlements of the Care Agency from Germany

In the case of German Care Agencies, the most popular settlement scheme is when the Partner Care Agency pays a commission from the caregiver.

Settlements of the Care Agency with Polish

In most cases, there are three settlements.

-The family pays for the entire service of the Care Agency with Polish

-The Care Agency from Polish pays the caregiver

-The Care Agency of Polish pays a commission to an intermediary from Germany

The calculation of receivables is configurable and covers all cases. The category of settlements is the settlement between one party and the other. Within the category of settlement, the following should be indicated:

  • Billing name
  • Who pays
  • Currency
  • VAT rate
  • Rate – hour, day, month, service
  • How the daily rate is calculated from the monthly rate

Billing categories in any number can be combined into schemes that should be easily added to the contract. All work is limited to entering rates.

Other rates within the contract

If one party pays different rates to the other within one contract, you can make this distinction in the Billing settings tab. Just enter the rate and the time interval from when to when it applies.

To add our first settlement, enter the Contracts module, select the contract profile you are interested in, and then click on the Settlement Settings – Add tab. There are two ways to add billing:

  • Add individual billing categories
  • Add a billing scheme that contains several categories
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