Caregiver filtering capabilities in Hrily

Filters available

Care agencies have a variety of requirements, which is why the number of filters is very large. You can filter by one or more parameters, depending on your needs. Below is a list of available filters. If it turns out that you need to filter by other parameters, please let us know what is missing. We will definitely add the missing filter.

Types of filters for recruiting caregivers

All filters are extensive and have many additional search options. Below are examples of filter types and their options.

Sex of the caregiver and gender of the mentee

These are very important filters that specify which caregiver meets the family’s conditions. Filtering allows you to get any configuration

Language of care

Filtering allows you to select language/level as well as several levels.

Filter by dates

In our opinion, date filtering is the most important filter from a workflow perspective. It has the following options as standard

  • equal – the ability to select several dates,
  • Miscellaneous – the ability to select several dates,
  • before,
  • after,
  • from – to,
  • beyond,
  • days range – number of days back,
  • days range – number of days forward.

These options allow you to filter the database freely.

Birthday of the caregiver and charges

An interesting option is the ability to filter after birthdays. You can filter by people who have birthdays

  • today,
  • Within the next 4 days,
  • from 7 to 14 days to be able to send a greeting card.

Manage columns in a table

Management is extremely simple. Click Columns. Hrily will show you all the available columns that you can add to the table. By clicking on the selected column, two left/right arrows will appear, which allow you to move the columns in the table.

Save Query

In a query, we save 4 separate information

  • All filters and their settings
  • Columns and their order
  • How a table is sorted
  • Number of presented records in the table on one page

Such a query is written under any name. One-click loads a table with all the saved settings.

Add a query to your dashboard

This is extremely simple to configure and modify the settings. In the dashboard, we have the opportunity to

  • add and remove quarts;
  • add colors;
  • signing them on the top bar, which at all times presents the number of records in a given query.

There is also the possibility of freely setting quarts thanks to the arrows on the right side of the screen.

Add quarts to the top bar

To add a query to the top bar, we need to enter the Dashboard module.

On the right, select the pencil icon. A table appears, where we choose the query, the color it should have, and whether we want it to be displayed in the header

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