ATS program for recruiting caregivers

What does ATS mean?

The most important thing for any recruitment agency from the point of view of its operation is the recruitment of new employees. It is no different in the case of Care Agencies, which deal with the recruitment of caregivers for the elderly. Thanks to people, the company works and gains revenue. Many potential recruiters use various recruitment opportunities: from the classic ones to the latest ones.

We would like to present you one of the options that facilitate and optimize the entire process, i.e. the ATS program for recruiting caregivers. In literal translation and meaning, it is a recruitment tracking system. Thanks to it, we are supported throughout the recruitment process: from publishing a job advertisement to checking a potential employee at a meeting.

ATS capabilities

The recruitment process is extremely important, also for candidates for guardians. Very often, the recruitment interview, and how it was conducted, affects the future decision of a potential employee whether it is worth working in a given company. ATS has unlimited possibilities to help all involved units in the recruitment process. It facilitates work throughout the entire stage of acquiring a new employee, collecting data in one place, in accordance with the principles of the GDPR. It reminds you of many things, for example, to give feedback to candidates applying for a position, and suggests the best choices when selecting for a job. Thanks to the system, contact between people involved in recruitment is faster and smoother.

ATS on the market

There are many universal tools for recruiting caregivers on the market. In the case of Care Agencies, universal ones are not suitable due to the specifics of the work of this industry. The answer to these expectations is Hrily, which is aimed at the care industry. Hrily ERP system has built-in ATS tools for Care Agencies. During the surveys, most companies clearly stated that definitely after the implementation of this system, recruitment is more successful and better. Ats works best in large companies where many recruitments are carried out at the same time.

Benefits of implementing ATS

The implementation of the ATS system has many advantages and allows companies to develop faster. The most important are a.o.

  • structured process of acquiring an employee
  • detailed description of the requirements on the page with the application form
  • tracking at what stage of recruitment are different candidates
  • convenient management of the candidate database
  • optimization and improvement of work
  • statistics that allow you to measure work efficiency
  • speed, which is especially important when looking for a potential employee on Cito.


To sum up, if your company is involved in the recruitment of caregivers, we invite you to a non-binding presentation. The Hrily CRM program is aimed only at your industry. In addition to the ATS system itself, the platform has other necessary functions for Care Agency teams. ERP software is used to :

  • recruitment of carers for the elderly
  • selling / offering care services
  • coordination of orders
  • creating documents
  • settlements between all parties
  • process tasks with a calendar
  • sending emails from templates
  • organization of carers’ journeys
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