Running a care agency – news September 2023

The Hrily Platform for Care Agencies is an intelligent tool that significantly facilitates work in the care industry, making running a care agency much more effective. In September 2023, we introduced new improvements to the Hrily platform.

The most important novelties are:

-Automatic data exchange between cooperating companies

-We have added the ability to export data from most tables, which significantly facilitates the process of exchanging information with accounting and HR systems.

-We have introduced roles in Hrily, and each of them has a precisely defined scope of permissions. Each user is assigned one of these roles with an assigned scope of permissions.

New improvements – running a care agency

Automatic data exchange between cooperating companies

Two caregiver agencies that work together can link their accounts and upload profiles of families and caregivers. For example, a German care company can send data to a partner team in Poland or another country with just a few clicks after enrolling a client in Hrily. The data is immediately available in the second account, and the dashboard will inform you about the new record. The data is properly mapped, which facilitates the whole process. Agencies may send data of clients (families) and caregivers of the elderly.

Data export 

Users have more than 30 tables at their disposal in Hrily. We have added the possibility of exporting in most of them to facilitate the process of exchanging data with accounting and HR systems.

Employee rights

We’ve added roles in Hrily that have a scope of privilege saved. All users are assigned a single role and with it a precisely defined range of permissions.

Families (clients) using care services

Customer profiles have been extended with a new table containing bank account numbers. In addition, all customer bank details are now available in a single table, with the possibility of exporting.

Registration forms for families seeking care services have been available for a long time. Now, in this update, we’ve added a feature that allows you to add multiple contacts when filling out a registration form.

Create letterhead documents

In response to requests from Care Agencies from Poznań and Wrocław, we have added the ability to add letterhead to documents. Your company may add several types of letterhead, for example, different language versions.

Transport companies that transport caregivers

The profiles of transport companies have been expanded with branches. This makes it possible to assign clients, and caregivers to company branches.  

Partner Care Agency

Profiles of partner companies have been expanded with the possibility of adding branches. This allows you to assign caregivers and clients to branches, as well as to create documents separately for each of them.

Filter by dates

Date filtering was already available in different variants. The date filter has been extended with the ability to filter by records, where the selected date is empty. Other teams presented us with how care agencies work, so we decided to expand the filter by dates. The new feature, which works with the dashboard, enables ongoing monitoring of key events in the company, thus accelerating the delivery of care services and giving the best care companies an advantage over the competition. Proof of this is the agency’s certificate.

Table with carers’ journeys

At the request of the care agency from Tarnowskie Góry, we have added to the table the journeys of caregivers and the possibility of grouping by client. This helps in a situation when we want to see on one screen the access to the client and the return of the same caregiver of an elderly person. 

Add emoticons 

In the comments and notes, you can add emoticons. This is especially useful for mentor recruiters.

Family profile in PDF 

You can now customize the range of data displayed on the family profile in the PDF. The following fields can be added as desired:

-Name and surname

-Individual elements of the care address

-Telephone number

-E-mail address

Running a care agency

What do I need to set up a care agency? This question is asked by many people. Setting up a care agency is a profitable business that has a prospective future ahead of it.

The care industry requires the coordination of many areas, such as:

-Recruitment of caregivers for the elderly (good care staff)

-sale of care services (acquire customers)

-creating documentation (care contract)

-matching supervisors with clients and vice versa

–Settlement with multiple partners 

organizing rides

-Adding job advertisements in care


If you’re planning to open your care agency, it’s a good idea to start with meticulous data collection, and the Hrily program will help you with that. Make an appointment for a demo and see how easy it is to recruit caregivers, acquire clients, and more.

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