Running a care agency for the elderly

The program for Hrily Care agencies is developed in line with the needs of the industry and allows you to automate the entire process related to running a care agency. The Hrily Jobs job portal updates automatically so that employees do not have to do additional work. On the other hand, the Hrily Care Service portal is a platform where your care agency can present currently available caregivers for the elderly. This platform refreshes automatically, which ensures constant access to current advertisements. Hrily therefore helps to run care agencies, recruit caregivers, and sell 24-hour care services for elderly people with live-in care.

Today, care agencies are streamlining their processes with the right programs, such as the one offered by Hrily. High work efficiency and automation of processes allow you to have everything under control and enjoy running a babysitting agency successfully. In addition, it is difficult to find good employees in the market today because it is overcrowded and old ads are not removed. This, in turn, makes the recruitment process much more difficult. That is why well-implemented software is very popular because using it means that employees have little repetitive work to do and can focus on important tasks that contribute to the development of the company.

If you want to learn how to effectively run an employment agency, we encourage you to read the article below.

The elderly care sector is profitable.

Is it worth starting a care agency? The senior care market is growing rapidly, with an undeniable demand for specialized services. Therefore, setting up a business in this sector is not exposed to a lack of interest, as there is a great demand in Western European countries for residential care services, especially in countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium or France, where the level of earnings is much higher than in many other countries. This is where many seniors use the services of caregivers who come from countries with lower wages. This situation creates an exceptionally favorable business climate and opening an employment agency in this place may turn out to be an excellent venture.

Another important factor is margins in the care sector, which is at a much higher level compared to other industries. This means that agencies offering such services enjoy a high level of trust and a stable position on the market. In conclusion, the senior care sector not only addresses important social needs but also creates great business opportunities. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is a profitable business, as it is an industry where you can earn well, and running a babysitting agency becomes not only rewarding but also a lucrative business.

How to start a temporary employment agency in the care industry

As the elderly care industry continues to grow in strength, there are more and more opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their careers in this field. Setting up a babysitting agency can be simple if you know what elements to take care of. So, if you’re thinking about starting an employment agency focused on temporary senior care, here are a few steps to take.

  • Market Research: Conduct an in-depth market analysis to understand the demand and specifics of the industry. Find out what the needs and expectations of customers from different countries are, as well as what the local regulations are for senior care.
  • Competence and training: Ensure that your future employees are properly qualified and trained. Caregivers will live with the people they care for, so they must be adequately prepared for this type of work.
  • Legal aspects: Check what formal requirements you need to meet to set up a temporary employment agency in your country. These may include obtaining the appropriate licenses, certifications, and other documents.
  • Building trust: The senior care industry is built on trust. Ensure transparency and professionalism in every aspect of your business, from the recruitment process to customer service.
  • Marketing and promotion: Develop a marketing strategy that targets potential customers. Keep in mind that your customers may come from different countries, so it’s a good idea to focus on international reach.

The key to success in this industry is to combine professionalism with empathy and understanding of the needs of seniors. Running an employment agency is a profession that entails many difficulties, but gives just as much satisfaction. Once you’ve decided to start an agency, remember that your mission is to keep older people safe and comfortable while offering decent working conditions for caregivers.

Who can run a Care Agency?

To set up an Employment Agency, whether it is a temporary employment agency or an employment agency, several criteria must be met. A person setting up such an agency must not have financial arrears – this refers to liabilities towards taxes, social security contributions, or the labor fund. In addition, she cannot be punished for crimes related to the labor market. Another requirement is that it is not subject to winding-up proceedings or bankruptcy. Therefore, running a business requires several requirements to be met. However, despite these guidelines, the barrier to entry into the industry is not set very high.

What is the National Register of Employment Agencies in Poland?

Conducting business activity in the area of services such as job placement, personnel consultancy, career counseling, or temporary work is regulated by the Entrepreneurs’ Law of 6 March 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1292). A key step in setting it up is an entry in the Register of Employment Agencies.

The agency’s certificate, which is proof of entry in the aforementioned register, is issued by the Marshal of the Voivodeship. It is worth noting that temporary work requires obtaining a separate certificate. The Register of Employment Agencies is managed by the Marshals of the Provinces and is available online on the website of the National Register of Employment Agencies. This register is publicly available and allows you to verify the status of each agency

Do you want to know more about the registration procedure?

You don’t know how you can register an employment agency? Guidance and details of the procedure can be found in the provisions of Article 18 of the Act on the Promotion of Employment and Labour Market Institutions. You submit an application for registration to the relevant voivodeship marshal, usually at the Provincial Labour Office competent for your company’s registered office. The application must be accompanied by a statement by Article 18(2) and (3) of the Act and proof of PLN 200 payment. The cost of receiving the document is transferred to the account of the local government of the province.

Opening of a care agency

Opening a care agency is a simple task that takes little time. The task of establishing the functioning of a babysitting agency is completely different. It’s a complicated process, completing many complex tasks in a short period. To efficiently perform such tasks, it is necessary to:

  • experience in working in a care agency,
  • having a good team,
  • providing appropriate tools to help with work, e.g. a program for Care Agencies.


Families from Germany who are looking for an honest care agency will entrust you with the care of their relatives. In most cases, it’s your company’s job to provide care 366 days a year. This commitment may seem simple on the surface, but when we consider:

  • saint
  • Summer period, when many caregivers for the elderly do not want to work.
  • Holiday period,
  • and all independent situations and events that are difficult or impossible to predict, e.g. Covid,

It may turn out that this task is not easy at all. German families and partners who transfer clients to you need to be sure that your elderly caregiver company will carry out the tasks entrusted to it. Finding the right babysitter is a priority for any family looking for support. Therefore, the agency providing the caregiver must ensure that the caregiver fulfills its duties or finds a worthy replacement for her. Care for seniors must be carried out within a certain budget that the family has agreed to. A great risk is therefore passed on to the person who runs the agency of caregivers for the elderly since he has to coordinate all these activities.

How to Acquire Clients in a Care Agency

There are two main models in the industry for families looking for round-the-clock care for seniors. When dealing with a job in Germany, the first option is to work with German intermediaries. They transfer German families who are looking for a care service. The second way is to reach out directly to families and offer them your services.

Cooperation with German intermediaries

There are around 600 companies in Germany that offer round-the-clock residential care services for seniors, accident survivors, and people with disabilities. Most of these companies are intermediaries who transfer family data to their partners in the countries where the caregivers come from. Before you decide to open an employment agency, you should have established relationships with several of these companies. Agree on the financial terms on which it will cooperate. In addition, it is a good idea to find out how many families a given partner from Germany can give you per month. Cooperation with an employment agent is not free. You have to bear in mind that the German intermediary will expect a commission that will be in the range of 280 – 500 EUR per month. Polish employment agencies in the care industry mostly use this method of acquiring clients. In the case of companies from Slovakia, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria, the situation is similar.

Sourcing families from Germany directly

Sourcing families from Germany on your own is best done with the help of the Hrily Care Service portal. The portal cooperates with the program for the Hrily Care Agency, which automatically downloads changes and publishes up-to-date caregiver profiles for the elderly at all times. With the help of this platform, you will acquire families who are interested in 24-hour care every month.

Care Agency Management

Managing a care agency is a complex challenge. The scope of work can be divided into:

  • recruitment of caregivers for the elderly,
  • sourcing families from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, or France who are looking for caregivers for seniors.
  • Offering caregivers to families,
  • organization of transport for a caregiver for the elderly,
  • creating a significant number of documents in several languages (e.g. custody contracts),
  • settlement of receivables of German families, caregivers, and intermediaries.

The whole process carried out by care agencies is characterized by high dynamics. Everything can change, such as:

  • The condition of a senior citizen who uses a care service.
  • The caregiver’s attitude, including their opinion on the topic and perception of certain issues,
  • caregiver’s commute, as it often happens that bus connections are changed at the last minute.
  • Completeness of documents (the agency is responsible for ensuring that documents are signed and delivered).

Care agency staff have to coordinate a lot of things, which is not an easy task. The Hrily tool comes in handy. It is a system that supports the entire process related to the employment of caregivers for the elderly, which is carried out by caregiver agencies.

Grants for the opening of a care agency

Countries in the European Union and various institutions often offer grants and financial support to start-ups. This is excellent news for all those who are considering opening a care agency.

First of all, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the offer of national and regional support programs for newly established companies. They often target sectors of strategic importance, such as senior care. Grants can cover a variety of start-up costs, such as staff training, equipment purchases, and business promotion.

In addition, various foundations and NGOs often organize grants and competitions aimed at innovative solutions in the field of senior care. Participation in such programs not only provides financial resources but can also contribute to increasing the credibility and recognition of your agency in the market.

Regardless of the source of the grant, it is important to prepare your business plan carefully and carefully review the requirements and criteria of each program. Investing in professional fundraising advice can be the key to success in this matter. Adequate start-up financial support provides a solid foundation for the growth of your care agency in the future.

Temporary Employment Agency vs. Employment Agency: Key Differences

The terms “employment agency” and “temporary employment agency” are often confused or considered synonymous. To dispel doubts, it is worth defining them precisely and explaining the differences between them.

An employment agency is a form of business that specializes in the recruitment process. Its main purpose is to act as an intermediary between the employer and the potential employee, advising and helping to find the right candidate for permanent or long-term employment.

A temporary employment agency, on the other hand, focuses on hiring employees for a short period. Temporary workers are hired by an agency but work directly for another company whose staffing needs are temporary.

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