Round-the-clock home care for seniors – an agency from Poland or Germany?

Choosing the right care agency is not an easy task, especially when it comes to 24-hour home care for an elderly person. We all want the best for our loved ones, which is why the decision to choose a caregiver is so important. It’s worth considering then whether an agency from Poland or Germany is a better option. Here are some aspects that will help you make an informed decision.

The search for a caregiver for a senior often involves numerous conversations with family, and friends and searching the Internet. The information gathered is full of discrepancies, but one thing is certain – there are significant differences between agencies from different countries.

Which care company to choose? From Poland or Germany?

The differences in working with Polish and German care agencies from the family’s perspective are present, although they are usually less important than one might think. Most important are the rates the family is required to pay and how relatives are interviewed to determine their requirements. It is these aspects that can be crucial in making the final decision.

When choosing a care agency, the primary consideration should be to ensure comfort, safety, and proper care for the senior. It is crucial that regardless of the choice of agency, the family feels confident that their loved one’s seniority is in good hands.

Often, more competitive prices are offered by Polish care agencies, which can tip the balance in their favor, especially when the family’s budget is tight. On the other hand, German agencies are distinguished by their long tradition and extensive experience, which is an added advantage.

The final choice is up to you. Consider what is most important to you and which aspects of working with a care agency are crucial to you. Regardless of which option you decide on, remember that the most important thing is the well-being and comfort of your senior loved one.

How is 24-hour home care for seniors organized?

The organization of round-the-clock home care for seniors is usually carried out through the cooperation of agencies from Poland and Germany. However, many companies operate differently. They have branches in both countries, so they can coordinate all activities independently. Here are the two dominant models of operation in this industry.

In the typical case, when a German family chooses a domestic company, it pays a monthly rate to a Polish care agency, which then remunerates the caregiver and the German partner responsible for acquiring the client.

Another option is to use a company that arranges everything on its own. This group includes both Polish and German companies. This option can be beneficial for families who want to entrust the responsibility for care to one company and avoid scattered responsibility.

How is the market for 24-hour home care for seniors changing? 

We are currently seeing a trend where agencies from Poland are directly soliciting families from Germany in need of assistance in caring for seniors. In turn, German companies are opening their offices in Poland to organize care services themselves. This situation brings several advantages for families seeking 24-hour home care for seniors.

The main advantage relates to financial aspects. In such a model, the number of intermediaries is reduced, which makes it possible to lower the price of care services, since one company, not two, makes money. This is particularly evident in the case of certified care agencies, which have optimized their processes by using the Hrily platform. Using this single tool, they effectively engage both families and caregivers of the elderly, while managing all tasks with minimal effort.

Another advantage of this model is the clarity of responsibility for providing care services. This is because the entire responsibility rests with one company, eliminating the problem of diluted duty. The senior’s family has a single point of contact – a team that organizes the entire service, from caregiver recruitment to the day-to-day management of care delivery. As a result, the entire employment history of a given caregiver is known and available in one place, which increases the transparency and security of the services provided.

Difference between agencies from Germany and Poland

The rate you pay for round-the-clock care

When deciding to use care services offered by an agency, it is important to know that there are usually two companies involved: one Polish and one German. Traditional care agencies often waste a lot of time on administrative management and information exchange, which unfortunately raises rates for clients. The lack of proper tools to optimize work in these companies contributes to higher service costs. In contrast, companies that manage the entire care process themselves and use the Hrily platform can offer the most favorable financial terms. This keeps the profit from the service in the hands of one company, which translates into competitive prices.

Currently, certified companies that have automated their work processes are a very favorable option. These are agencies awarded the Hrily quality certificate, presenting their services on the Hrily Care Service portal. Using modern IT tools, reduce administrative work time. As a result, they can offer their clients better prices and top-quality care services. These agencies are gaining great recognition and satisfaction among the families using their offerings.

We invite you to take a look at the current offers and rates on Hrily Care Service to discover the 24/7 senior home care option that best suits your needs and is financially beneficial.

The circulation of information is significantly different

Choosing a Polish care company guarantees direct communication with the team that recruits caregivers for the elderly. This allows all information, both from the family and the prospective caregiver, to be collected and analyzed by a single, trained team. This facilitates communication, speeds up response to potential problems, and fosters trust and understanding of the needs of both parties.

When working with a German care agency, it is worth knowing that it often does not directly recruit caregivers. Data from clients then goes to another unit, responsible for selecting personnel. This two-stage cooperation can generate delays and misunderstandings, and conflict resolution becomes more complicated.

When choosing a care agency, it is therefore important to consider not only financial aspects but also the organization of work and communication within the company. Thanks to direct communication with caregivers and families, Polish agencies can provide more customized services, quickly adapting to changing customer expectations. By opting for this option, families can expect an empathetic approach and services tailored to their unique needs.

Method of interviewing the family

If a German agency is selected, its representative may personally visit the senior citizen’s home. This is crucial for understanding his living conditions, needs, and expectations. In addition, such an opportunity promotes direct contact with the family. This provides an invaluable opportunity to ask questions, dispel doubts, and establish details of cooperation. However, it is worth bearing in mind that such meetings involve additional expenses, which are reflected in the price of the care service. 

Polish agencies, on the other hand, usually arrange interviews remotely, by phone or online. Although this form is less personal, it allows for significant cost savings, which can result in more attractive prices. 

There is no clear answer to the question of which form of interview is better. The decision depends on the family’s personal preferences and priorities when choosing care. The key, however, is to understand the differences between the two options and make an informed decision about whether direct contact and a deep understanding of the situation or financial savings is the priority.

What is common in cooperation with the German and Polish agencies?

In the case of care services for seniors, many elements from the family’s point of view remain the same. Whether one chooses to cooperate with an agency from Poland or Germany, the care service is provided by caregivers from Poland.

Caregiver for the elderly – always the same person

Whether one chooses a Polish or German agency, the caregiver who will come to the senior citizen is in most cases from Poland. This is a person who meets the requirements set by the family, has adequate experience in caring for the elderly, has the appropriate qualifications, and accepts the scope of duties to be carried out. Thus, we can be sure of the high level and diligence of the services provided.

Organization of the ride – always the same transport companies

The caregiver’s trip is organized by Polish carriers. For the senior’s family, it doesn’t matter much – what matters is the safety and comfort of the caregiver’s trip. The key is that the caregiver arrives at the place rested and ready to work.

Invoices are always issued by the same company

There are no exceptions – regardless of the choice of agency, the family always pays the Polish company. It is the one that is formally responsible for the quality of the care service provided.

Determining the scope of responsibilities

The senior and the senior’s family decide on the scope of tasks for the elderly caregiver. On this basis, the caregiver is selected and accepts these tasks. It is also possible to negotiate the list of the caregiver’s duties, even before the caregiver arrives at the place of assignment.

Contract always with a Polish company

The senior and his family play a key role in determining the caregiver’s responsibilities. They decide what tasks the caregiver will perform. Everything is a matter of arrangement and negotiation before the caregiver arrives so that both parties are aware of expectations and responsibilities. This approach ensures that cooperation will run smoothly and without misunderstandings.

When interviewing a care agency, pay particular attention to the caregiver’s responsibilities, qualifications, and experience. It is important to provide as much information about the senior as possible, as this will make it easier to recruit the right person for the position. We encourage you to use the Hrily Care Service portal, where you can find only proven, certified care agencies. The choice of agency depends on your individual preferences and needs, and the mentioned platform will certainly make it easier to make the right decision.

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