Optimize care agency work with new features – November 2023

November 2023 brought another batch of new features for care agencies. Below is a list of the new capabilities that care agencies have gained. 

The two most important features are ad portals. First, care agencies can publish job offers for caregivers of the elderly. The second allows them to publish listings with 24-hour care services for seniors. This portal makes it much easier for agencies to attract families seeking care for seniors.

Job portal for caregivers of the elderly 

The publishing of ads has been integrated with the Hrily program, making it easier for care agencies. As a result, the process requires minimal effort. Announcements are updated, and elderly caregivers who complete the registration form are saved instantly in their Hrily account. Information about a new application is immediately forwarded to recruiters. 

List of services with 24-hour home care for seniors

This novelty in the market allows care agencies to present their offerings to a wide range of clients in a very easy way. It involves seniors and their families from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The portal provides care agencies with a competitive advantage, enabling them to attract new clients more cheaply.

Duplicate records 

Hrily’s software for care agencies has been expanded with new features that identify duplicate caregiver profiles. This preserves the quality of the database. The care agency employee will ultimately decide for himself whether it is a duplicate. 

Caregiver profile in German 

One care agency from Warsaw asked us to add an option to show the whole first name and the first letter of the surname of an elderly caregiver on a PDF profile in German. We made such an option available in the PDF caregiver template. 

Search by filters from other tables 

Hrily allows you to save filters as queries in all tables. We have added an option to use queries in other tables. For example, one of the Care Agencies from Poznan reported a need to filter billing by client status.

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