Hrily – News for Care Agencies – June 2023

In June 2023, we uploaded more new features to the Hrily platform. The most important of them are:

  • history of changes in all modules;
  •  The profile of the account manager and the client in PDF is more flexible, additionally has
  •  the ability to attach graphic files and PDFs (certificates and references);
  •  tags (tags) in many places.

Flexible caregiver and family profile in PDF

In most cases, Polish Care Agencies create profiles of caregivers in PDF. On the other hand, Care Agencies in Germany save profiles of families with dependents in this format, which they send to partner Care Agencies from the countries where the caregivers come from.

Attaching files – certificates, references, and more

When you create a profile, the system shows you files that you can add. Select them and the program will automatically add them to the caregiver’s PDF profile.


The system in PDF presents in the first place the last experiences of a potential caregiver.

Manage headers in PDF

The caregiver profile has several headers that can now be assigned any values. You only need to do this once, when configuring the PDF template of the caregiver or client.

Arrange elements in PDF

Values from the caregiver profile are automatically moved from page to page depending on the amount of text. In the same profile, you can see a PDF preview on the fly. In addition, the user can select the number of columns in which the values are presented.

Order of elements in PDF

The order of elements in the PDF is modifiable. Just save it once in the template.

Editable caregiver templates

The system allows you to manage colors, so the created profile of the caregiver will be consistent with your visual identification. Colors are very easy to set, and in the templates themselves there is a preview of the current settings.

Customer Profile

Flexible customer profile in PDF

PDF templates with families have the same options as PDF templates with caregivers. In the case of families, there is of course an additional option to present information about the charges. The profile presents one or more mentees. You can add any files to a family profile in PDF. These can be photos of the caregiver’s room, garden, immediate surroundings, or other valuable materials for the Care Agency.

Revision history

All modules have gained a history of changes. From now on, when editing and adding information to the database, Hrily saves: 

  • login
  •  date and time of modification
  •  previous value
  •  value after change


Tags are a list of attributes that can be freely managed, they have been added in the following elements:

  • Caregivers
  •  Customers
  •  Contracts
  •  Crossings
  •  Partners
  •  Shipping companies
  •  Clients / Mentees

files in account managers, clients, contracts, partners, and transport companies

Tags allow you to select any configuration. For this, we can filter in all tables.

Sending emails with attachments

Sending e-mails has been extended with the ability to send many attachments. For example, these can be caregiver profiles, contracts, etc.

Features that make everyday work easier

Colorful statuses in tables

One of the Care Agencies from Wrocław asked for the possibility of adding colors to statuses. These colors are presented in a table, which helps distinguish records.

Set up seller and buyer names in listings

Several customers have requested that the seller and buyer names in the PDF feed be manageable. In each of these combinations, a different name may be presented depending on the needs.

Duplicate caregivers and families

When you add a caregiver or client, the system checks to see if a record with that name already exists. If it exists, the system informs the user and asks if you want to add such a record.

Unavailability table in the caregiver profile

Often, caregivers inform in which periods they can work, excluding certain time intervals. We have added a small table with the possibility of marking just such dates to improve your work.

Filtering by consents

In the table with caregivers and clients, we have added filtering based on consents that were granted during registration.

Customer acquisition – registration

In the configuration of the registration form, we have added the following options: 

  • Choosing the type of relationship with the client in the Mentee’s profile
  •  address of the client, care, and others
  •  incapacitation of the ward

Recruitment of caregivers for the elderly

We’ve introduced an option to add fields with preferred locations in the caregiver registration forms. It is possible to select the country/region and/or the beginning of the postal code.

Document and email templates

Mentee data

We have added the option to download more information from the mentee’s profile. A template can include one or more people to care for.

Trip data

Ride data can be added to templates. Arrival and return are handled separately.

Additional fields in client templates

We have added the following fields: Caregiver gender, Minimum Caregiver age, Maximum Caregiver Age, Smoking, Driver’s License, Preferred Nationality, Custody Language, Minimum Language Level, Covid Status.

Documents with account caregiver and client profiles

Document templates have been given the option to enter profiles saved in PDF format without having to rewrite or edit them. As a result, we can generate a single document containing the necessary caregiver’s data.

Contract number of the caregiver of the elderly person

We’ve added an agreement number field to email and document templates.

Contract number of the caregiver of the elderly person

We’ve added an agreement number field to email and document templates.


We added companies to the recipients that had been given an account caregiver or client.

Summary tables with comments

At the request of one of the cooperating agencies, we have added a summary table, where you can easily check comments divided into modules – caregivers, clients, contracts, etc.

Health insurance fund in the caregiver’s profile

In this section, we have added a field “Sickness Fund”. The list of health insurance funds is configurable and allows you to select a health insurance fund from any country.

Contract profile

Here we have added a “read” option that allows you to view the data of the client coordinator and the data of the coordinator of the selected account caregiver.

Caregiver profile

The list of information in the caregiver section has gained further novelties such as:

The “daily activities” that the caregiver wants to perform and the “Aids” they want to use.

Caregivers’ journeys

We’ve added filtering to the rides table by care start date and care end date.

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