Hrily Jobs

In many Care Agencies, employees create job advertisements and publish them manually by posting them online. Thanks to the automation of this process, we have managed to save many companies hundreds of hours of tedious work.

Hrily Jobs – jobs for caregivers of the elderly

Hrily Jobs is a job portal for caregivers of the elderly. Its most important advantages are:

  • job advertisements are automatically updated, so that caregivers always have access only to current offers;
  • job offers in care are published automatically;
  • after registration of the caregiver, the data is immediately available in the account of your Care Agency;
  • dashboard informs about new candidacies on an ongoing basis;
  • the profile of the caregiver is automatically assigned to the corresponding order as a person interested in the given order;
  • only certified Care Agencies have access to the Hrily Jobs portal with job offers in care, which minimizes the risk of encountering untrustworthy companies;
  • The portal is available in many languages to make it easier for as many people as possible to find job offers.

What is included in the Hrily Jobs portal?

Hrily Voice portal in the form of a “bulletin board” – here all companies using the Hrily platform present job offers for Caregivers.

Microportals dedicated to individual Care Agencies. It’s like private websites with announcements of individual agencies. Companies can customize them according to individual preferences, as well as conduct their marketing activities.

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