Home-based 24-hour care for seniors in Hanover

Nowadays, as the 24-hour home care model for seniors is becoming more and more popular, providing adequate support for our elderly loved ones is becoming a priority. Across Europe, 24-hour home care is growing at an extremely fast pace. This is no different in Hanover, which offers invaluable support to seniors. The local market in Hanover has several reputable care agencies that are known for their caring and professional care for seniors. They have partnered with the Hrily Care portal, which showcases only the best-certified agencies that offer 24-hour care services for the elderly.

The Hrily Care platform stands out for its wide selection of caregiver profiles. Whether it’s daily household assistance, personal care, or simply companionship and emotional support, you’ll find the perfect person to care for your loved one on the Hrily Care portal.

Why use the Hrily Care Service portal?

In today’s globalized world, where the quality of care for seniors is a priority, the Hrily Care Service portal is gaining more and more recognition as it takes care of the high standard of services provided. The platform gathers the best care agencies from Germany, Poland, and other countries, so it offers a wide selection of services, tailored to the individual needs of each family seeking care for their senior.

What makes Hrily Care Service so unique? First of all, the agencies presented on the portal are selected and certified, which guarantees integrity and the highest quality of cooperation. In addition, these companies have years of experience and an efficient recruitment process. In addition, the caregivers employed by these agencies are highly competent and committed to their work.

With Hrily Care Service, matching a caregiver to a senior’s needs is extremely effective. This is because the platform allows for a personalized approach to the client, which translates into a high-quality care service. Therefore, for families seeking the best care for their loved ones, the Hrily Care Service is an invaluable source of information and support in this important process.

How do you find a 24-hour home caregiver in Hanover?

Finding the right person to take care of a senior citizen in Hanover may seem like a challenge, but with Hrily Care Service, the process becomes much simpler and clearer.

When choosing a caregiver, it’s important to pay attention to several key aspects, such as the caregiver’s experience, the scope of work to be undertaken, his or her level of German, as well as issues such as smoking and driving skills. The selected caregiver must meet all the requirements and needs of the senior, as this will allow for effective cooperation. If in doubt, it is worth remembering that the selection of a caregiver on the portal is not final. The best caregiving agencies guarantee a high-quality service, offering support and advice at every stage of the process.

How to get started?

Getting started with 24-hour home care services for seniors in Hanover is easier than you might think.

  • The first step is to fill out the registration form available on the portal with care services for seniors. After submitting the form, the care agency will contact you for an interview. This interview is to determine the exact needs of the senior and discuss the details of cooperation.
  • Then, after signing the contract, you will receive several sample caregiver profiles as proposals from which you can choose the most suitable person.
  • The next stage is the start of care. Once the date is set, the selected senior caregiver will come to your home. This can happen even within two days of the decision. This makes the process not only convenient but also fast and efficient, which is especially important in situations where urgent care is needed.

What does 24-hour senior care consist of?

Around-the-clock senior care in Hanover is a comprehensive support service that provides senior citizens with the security and comfort of living in their own homes. It involves the continuous 24-hour presence of a caregiver who is ready to assist at any time. This allows seniors to enjoy their independence and dignity while receiving professional care.

In Hanover, where more and more families are opting for this form of care, special emphasis is placed on tailoring services to each senior’s needs. This ensures that each senior is provided with care that suits his or her unique requirements and lifestyle, which is key to ensuring the best possible quality of life in old age.

How much does 24-hour home care for seniors cost?

Around-the-clock home care for seniors is an affordable alternative to traditional inpatient facilities. Thanks to the various forms of subsidies available to families in Germany, the costs for the senior and his family become affordable for most residents of Hanover. For details on subsidy opportunities and an explanation of why cheaper care does not mean lower quality, see the article Cheaper 24-hour care for seniors. The aforementioned article emphasizes that despite the lower cost, seniors are provided with care that is tailored to their individual needs.

However, it should be remembered that there may be additional costs added to the monthly care fee, such as the caregiver’s travel, work on holidays, and the performance of additional duties that the family may ask the senior’s caregiver to perform.

Care for one person

When it comes to caring for one senior, the monthly rate starts at €2,300. This amount, as already mentioned, can be reduced by various subsidies and allowances that are available in Germany. However, if special qualifications of the caregiver are required or the scope of duties is expanded, the amount may increase.

Care for a senior couple

The fee for caring for a pair of seniors is slightly higher and starts at €2,500 per month. It is worth noting that here, as in the case of care for one person, the range of activities has a big impact on the rate. It is often the case that one senior requires full care, while the other needs only limited support. It is also not uncommon for the other senior to help care for his or her partner, which can affect the final cost of services.

How does a caregiver help a senior?

The role of a caregiver in 24-hour home care for a senior is extremely important and multidimensional. A caregiver is not only a person who provides basic needs but also a companion who brings stability and security to the senior’s life. Daily, a caregiver undertakes a variety of tasks, tailoring his or her activities to the individual needs and preferences of the senior.

Tasks that an elderly caregiver can perform:

  • Assist with daily activities: The caregiver supports the senior in activities such as washing, dressing, preparing and eating meals, or reminding the senior to take medication.
  • Health care: He or she monitors the senior’s health, assists in following doctor’s orders, and supports the client in visiting the doctor and other specialists.
  • Emotional support and companionship: The caregiver is not only a worker but also a companion who listens, talks, or even shares common interests with the senior, which is of great importance to the senior’s mental well-being.
  • Encouraging activity: Helps keep seniors physically and mentally active by organizing walks, simple exercises, games, and other activities tailored to the senior’s abilities. To get residents active, caregivers of the elderly often go for a walk in the park. Most often they choose Großer Garten, Berggarten, Georgengarten, Welfengarten. These are places with which most seniors in Hanover have numerous fond memories and walking in them is a real pleasure
  • Help in the household: Takes care of chores such as cleaning, laundry, shopping, and cooking to ensure a clean and friendly home environment for the senior.
  • Care coordination: The caregiver often acts as an intermediary between the senior and his or her family, doctors, and other institutions, helping to organize comprehensive care.

Seniors remain independent

One of the key considerations for seniors in old age is the desire to remain as independent as possible. Being able to continue living in one’s own home, surrounded by familiar objects and memories, is of inestimable value. It is Hanover’s 24-hour home care for seniors that makes it possible to maintain this valuable autonomy.

The lack of dependence on loved ones is crucial not only for the senior but also for his or her family. When a professional caregiver takes over the care of the senior, family relationships are not transformed into caregiving relationships, allowing the senior to enjoy moments together without the burden of caregiving responsibilities. Otherwise, the constant care provided by family members can, over time, begin to interfere and negatively affect relationships.

With the support of a caregiver, a senior can remain self-sufficient while continuing to live his or her current life. Of course, a senior’s health condition can be a limitation in certain aspects, but with the right help, it is possible to lead an active social life and pursue passions and hobbies. The presence of a caregiver allows the senior to enjoy meetings with neighbors, shop at favorite stores, and enjoy life in a familiar place. All this has a positive impact on the senior’s well-being, strengthening his sense of independence and dignity.

The family is confident that it is providing the best care

Ensuring that a senior is properly cared for is a challenge that is often beyond the capabilities of even the most dedicated family. Caring for an elderly person requires not only time and commitment but also specialized knowledge and skills. To make sure that the family is assured that their loved one is receiving the best possible care, it makes sense to enlist the services of a professional caregiver in Hanover. An experienced caregiver, with his or her expertise and experience, can provide quality care, taking into account everything from physical to emotional support. With such support, loved ones gain peace of mind and the feeling that they have done everything to ensure that the senior has everything he or she needs.

When the caregiver takes over the responsibility of supporting the senior, the family can breathe a sigh of relief and return to their normal rhythm of life. With the reassurance that their loved one is being properly cared for, they can better manage their responsibilities without feeling guilty or overworked. What’s more, the senior remains in his or her own home, in an environment to which he or she is attached, which is vital to his or her sense of security and comfort.

This approach not only provides the senior with the best possible care but also allows the family to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, enjoying their time together without the added burden of caregiving.

Where does the care staff come from?

The care staff, who play a key role in providing quality home-based 24-hour care for seniors in Hanover, are diverse in origin. Many of those working in the industry come from countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia. This is a result of the growing demand for caregivers and the openness of labor markets in Europe.

Where can an elderly caregiver work in Hanover?

Hanover, which is the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany, consists of several diverse neighborhoods that offer residents and visitors a variety of experiences and atmospheres. All of these neighborhoods have elderly caregivers who help German seniors every day.

  • Mitte, the list of zip codes where caregivers can work are: 30159, 30161, 30163, 30165, 30167, 30169, 30171, 30173, 30175, 30177, 30179
  • Letter: 30161, 30163, 30177
  • Vahrenwald-List: 30161, 30163, 30165, 30179
  • Bothfeld-Vahrenheide: 30179, 30657, 30659
  • Herrenhausen-Stöcken: 30419
  • Linden-Limmer: 30449, 30451, 30453
  • Ricklingen: 30459, 30519
  • Südstadt-Bult: 30173, 30519
  • Nordstadt: 30167
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