Care management software

Intelligent care program

Care agencies that offer 24-hour Care Services process large amounts of information. Many times they have very little time to react. To provide the highest quality care services, Care Agency teams should use the right tools. 

The Hrily platform is a comprehensive tool for handling care services. The system supports all processes performed by companies acquiring families (Germany, Austria), and companies from where the caregivers come from (Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia). 

Hrily Care software allows you to get all the data in up to 3 clicks. The dashboard tells you what needs to be done. The data is automatically transferred between the cooperating Care Agencies, and family profiles are published automatically on the classifieds portal with registration forms to which the caregiver can apply. Caregiver profiles, on the other hand, are published on a second classifieds portal, where the family can check the available people and also fill in the registration forms. These elements streamline the process of acquiring families and caregivers.

Free account

Our goal is the best implementation of the system, so we encourage you to set up a free account that does not oblige you to anything. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of online meetings with our team. During this time, we can set up your account and perform selected operations.

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Free presentation

In the case of initial interest, and how much you can improve the work in the Care Agency 24h, using a dedicated application we encourage you to arrange a presentation. It will be done at a convenient time for you. The scope will cover issues selected by the team. We will answer all your questions.

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Advantages of a tailored program

From the user’s point of view, all data must have its place in the program. If the same information is saved in different places and formats, it is difficult to find. And this results in a waste of time in the future. The solution is to implement a dedicated platform for Care Agencies. Currently, IT tools can greatly improve the functioning of teams. The result of which are advantages that are appreciated:

  • Heads of Care Agencies and managers who have access to knowledge about the company.
  • They can accelerate the development of the company thanks to the increase in efficiency. 
  • Employees of the Care Agency who do not have to do repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • A huge difference is the increase in the quality of care services provided. The flow of information is fast, the data is up-to-date, and a better-tailored caregiver will come to people requiring care in a shorter time.

Universal CRM and ERP systems

All companies use the software. The vast majority of these are universal products such as word processors, spreadsheets, instant messaging, universal CRM, and ERP systems. They all have one thing in common. They are developed in such a way that companies from many industries can use them. As a result, the user sees many unnecessary functions, the implementation is time-consuming, and users do not influence the development. Universal programs lack many of the essential features that Care Agencies require.

Disadvantages of universal programs

From the point of view of the Care Agency, the list of disadvantages of such products is very long. The most important are:

  • the need to use multiple systems, which translates into higher costs
  • failure to comply with GDPR guidelines (right to be forgotten)
  • Translations should be done separately each time
  • Multiple copies of the same data
  • no automatic adjustments
  • creating settlements, invoices, documents, and organizing trips is done manually 
  • data between partner Care Agencies is transferred via e-mails with attachments and then manually completed. In the case of editing data, it is necessary to operate again.

Types of programs

Currently, there are many different types of tools on countless types of licenses. Enterprises mostly use licensed systems installed on so-called desktop computers and web applications available in browsers.


Desktop software is, for example, Microsoft Office, Libre Office, and Photoshop. They are locally installed on your computer and require you to take your computer away if you work remotely. Programs do not allow you to work in a team. The advantage of these products is to work without the Internet, while the disadvantage is the need to install updates.


Web applications are available in browsers on any device. The advantage of these systems is teamwork, access to current data, logging in from any device, and no need to update. The Internet is necessary to use them.

What is care

24-hour care is a care service provided around the clock by broadly understood care staff. They can be doctors, nurses, or carers of the elderly who have completed care courses. People who require care services are the elderly, people after accidents, and people with disabilities. The scope of care required is very diverse and starts with accompanying an elderly person at home, through help in running the farm, hygiene, and all medical activities.

Care at the client’s home

Most people dream of spending their old age in their own homes. Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult for older people to function without the help of third parties. It often happens that younger family members move in with the senior, but this is not always possible. In such cases, there is an option to use the care services of the Care Agency. 

It consists of the fact that the caregiver stays with people requiring care at their home at all times. Sometimes it happens that the caregiver lives in the immediate vicinity, and during the day he comes to the charges. The scope of duties is very diverse and depends on the condition of the patients, illness, and place of residence.

Care in the senior’s home

Care in a retirement home causes an elderly person to live in a strange place. This results in a total change in everyday functioning. The senior stops seeing his home, garden, and surroundings. Contact with neighbors and friends begins to be very difficult, which is often very difficult to accept.

Hourly care

Another form of care is calling care staff several times a week at fixed times or in crises. This is an ad hoc small help with selected duties, e.g. preparation of medicines.

Where to look for 24-hour care?

On the Internet, you can find many companies offering 24-hour care services. A list of reputable companies with experience that offer services of appropriate quality can be found on the website. These are companies with the appropriate quality of organization, which are run by experienced people in the industry.

Where to look for jobs in care

Job offers from the best Care Agencies are presented on the XXX website. In them, you will find requirements, rates, addresses, number of charges, description of the conditions where the caregiver will stay, and other important information. There are also registration forms where you must fill in the indicated information. After completing it, you can immediately call the recruitment department of the selected Care Agency and arrange the details.

Development of Care Agency thanks to the appropriate software

A business can be developed in many ways. The best solution is to optimize the work that can be successfully done with the Hrily platform. Individual actions can be performed in a much shorter time. For example, preparing a contract in the text editor with the need to copy all elements takes about 10 minutes, and it is worth adding that copying entails the possibility of human error. In the Hrily 24-hour care program, you can complete any contract in less than 1 minute.

Quality of work

All of us have experience in repeatedly performing repetitive tasks. Such tasks are boring and discouraging to work. They also cause the employee to have less time for important activities such as interviewing the family or caregiver. In Hrily, all data is available for 1 click, and the dashboard informs you what to do and reminds you about tasks. A dedicated platform for Care Agencies allows you to resign from multiple translations, copying data to subsequent systems.

Access to data

The Hrily Care Program is designed so that all information is available in up to 3 clicks. The absolute majority is available at the first click. This results in a higher quality of work and allows the company to develop.

Remote work

During the pandemic, we worked remotely on a massive scale and this form of work has gained popularity. All users have access to up-to-date data, even if it was added by a team member who works in a different location.

Work with multiple branches

Many Care Agencies set up branches in different locations to be closer to families and caregivers. This results in many benefits when acquiring new clients and caregivers. Modern systems allow you to work through dispersed teams, without losing the quality of work. The Hrily Care Program works in 4 languages, so teams can work at the same time in multiple countries.

Exchange of information between Partner Agencies

Care services are mostly offered by two companies. The first one comes from the country where the customer is from. She acquires the family, does an interview, and sends the family’s data to her partner Care Agencies. The Partner Care Agency comes from the country where the caregiver comes from. These two companies watch over the proper provision of the care service. This situation forces partner Care Agencies to send a lot of different data. The best 24-hour Care Agencies use Hrily, where this information is automatically transferred between the relevant companies without additional work. This allows you to increase efficiency, gain a competitive advantage, and offer higher-quality care services.

Intuitive work

The Hrily Care Program is aimed at care services only. This has the advantage that users have everything in one system, there are no unnecessary elements, and learning how to use it is very simple. In addition, some modules can be removed from the view for users, which further simplifies the operation. A properly configured dashboard indicates tasks to be performed – from recruiting a caregiver or acquiring a potential family to issuing an invoice for services and adding further contracts at the client’s.

Effort comparison

In the case of comparison, it is good to use measurable parameters.

How long does it take to create a document?

Creating a contract for 5 pages, where you need to enter about 30 pieces of information such as personal data, and contact details, takes about 10 minutes in a text editor with a check. For Hrily, it takes less than 1 minute.

Monitoring of registration of families and carers of the elderly

It takes time to repeatedly check the registration information of new families or caregivers. Teams then copy the registration data to spreadsheets or other software. In the case of Hrily, the data is immediately entered into the system, and the Dashboard will inform the appropriate people about the new registration without a single click. Response time in this industry is crucial, and with a dedicated platform, there is no waste of time.

Execution of settlements in the contract

24-hour care agencies from the countries where caregivers come from usually do three settlements. The family pays them, they pay the caregiver and the partner who handed over the family. In the case of Hrily, this operation takes about 10 seconds.

Modules in the program

The modular design makes it very easy for users to find themselves in the panel. There is no possibility of a mistake, and all data is cleverly arranged.


This module contains all the information that the Care Agency needs to record about the caregiver. The caregiver’s profile contains a set of information related to a given person, including tasks, documents, files, settlements, a list of contracts, sent emails, and automatic matches or comments.

Create profiles in any language

Creating a PDF of the caregiver in German are key task to perform. At Hrily, we have used flexible profile templates, where the Care Agency has full control over the appearance and placement of individual elements.

Add certificates and credentials to your profile

One of the most appreciated features of Hrily is the ability to add certificates, references, and diplomas to the tutor profile. The result is to create a caregiver profile in German with the appropriate files added in about 15 seconds.

Automatic matching of families to the caregiver

The caregiver in his profile has a tab that shows automatically matched customers right away. Match parameters can be easily changed and the system modifies the results.


By families (clients) we mean all contact persons with markings for what they are responsible for, a list of requirements for caregivers, a list of people to care for with an individual scope of duties that the caregiver will perform. In addition, the conditions in which the caregiver will be staying are indicated. The family’s profile contains all related information, including billing, tasks, contracts, documents, emails, auto-matching, and comments.

Many people care

It is common for more than one person to require care. In Hrily, you can add multiple people to care for in your client profile, and in their accounts, you can indicate what they require from the caregiver. In the profile of the caregiver, there is a daily plan where you can mark rehabilitation, medical visits, Pflegedienst visits, naps, meal times, and other important information.

Create family profiles

A family profile can be easily generated as a PDF file. The templates from which family profiles are created are flexible and can be configured according to your preferences. Additionally, it can contain any information.


It often happens that a new person becomes a customer or contact person for the contract. We can easily change this information in your family profile. In the contact letter, we can also add pharmacies that prepare medicines, patients, or the attending physician.

Automatic matching of caregivers to the family

In the family profile, there is a tab where there are caregivers who meet the requirements of the family. Search parameters can be easily modified.


The list of partner 24-hour Care Agencies can be found in the Partners module. We can add branches, and contacts, and mark the scope of cooperation with a given company. In the profile of the Care Agency, there is a list of transferred clients and caregivers with notes. In addition, there is a list of related documents, tasks, settlements, billing statements, files, and sent emails.


This is undoubtedly the most important module from the point of view of the entire Care Agency. The contract always has one customer and one caregiver. These are the only correct assumptions that there is proper order in documents, settlements, and journeys. Here we can find all the necessary information related to a given contract, i.e. documents, settlements, tasks, e-mails, and comments.


Settlements have been planned so that all scenarios in the care industry can be handled. You can add many types of settlements, and in each of them we choose the type of entity that pays and to which it is paid. You can choose between the Agency, i.e. your company, client (family), caregiver, partner who acquired the client, and separately the partner who acquired the guardian, and the transport company. The rates we can assign are the rate per month, daily wages, hourly rate, and one-time service fee. In addition, we have the option of a commission calculated as a percentage. 

After adding the types of settlements, the agency combines them into schemes to streamline adding them in the contract itself, which is enough to select the previously selected scheme and complete the rates that the application suggests. The remaining calculations are performed automatically. Settlements are divided into calendar months. , where you can change the number of days to be billed, and add any number of additions and deductions that have a category so that users have access to statistics.

Family settlements

Agencies often have many different arrangements with families. Hrily supports monthly and daily rates. With the monthly payment option, the user chooses the method of calculating the daily wage, which is described here.

Caregiver billing

The possibilities of calculating the rate in the case of a caregiver’s remuneration look similar. In addition, you can indicate at which contract the settlement applies.

Commission settlements

The account manager and client have a field in their profiles where you can assign the partner who transferred the account manager or client. In the contract, the settlements assigned to the partner are automatically assigned to the corresponding partner.

Billing of journeys

Care agencies that organize rides or pay for them have everything under control. The care program supports access to the client and returns from the client. It is possible to service your transport, bus, train, or plane. In the contract for journeys, we select a transport company and add the rate in the appropriate currency. In the statistics, there are complete statistics with the option to generate them in a PDF file.

Financial statements

Schedules can be configured and freely named. These can be invoices or bills. All data on the invoice are automatically completed, including number, items with services, VAT rates, net and gross amounts, verbal amounts, etc.

Creating documents

During the implementation of 24-hour care services, hundreds of documents are generated that contain many variable data. In Hrily, you just need to add document templates with variable fields. Then the prepared document templates are used to create documents in PDF. Documents are automatically completed and contain graphics, and you can edit them before the document is generated. The list of documents is available in the client, caregiver, contract, and partner profile.

Email templates

In addition to the option of sending emails, Hrily has the option to create email templates that automatically create the content of the message that can be edited before sending. In addition, the list of recipients is closed, which makes it easier to send emails to interested parties. Email templates can contain data from the profiles of the caregiver, client, contract, partner, and travel.


Files can be added to customer profiles, account managers, contracts, partners, and shipping companies. They can be tagged, which is configurable. All files may have an additional description. Care Agencies use this option to collect contracts, references, certificates, annexes, invoices, complaint documents, and photos of the caregiver’s accommodation on-site with the family.

Registration forms for families

Care Agency teams can add many different registration forms. The number of available fields is very large, and you can also select which fields are mandatory. The possibilities of editing the appearance of forms are very large. Without knowledge of HTML, many elements can be configured. If the existing options are not enough for someone, there is HTML available. Before publishing registration forms, you must add all consents in the appropriate languages in the configuration. Next, the appropriate consent should be added to the forms, which the family representative (client) will accept. Accepted consents are presented in the family profile.


You can add a list of contact persons to your forms, where you can indicate what you need or can do with that person. These can be, for example, “customer”, “contact person”, “first interview”, “neighbor”, “pflegedienst”, “Pharmacy”, “doctor” and others.

Many charges

There is also room in the registration form to add one or more people to your care. The number of fields to add to the mentee’s profile is very large. Fields should be marked as mandatory, and set their order.

Multiple addresses

To comprehensively collect information about the family, we can also add an option to complete the addresses, which can be many. Addresses can be marked as “care address”, “residential address” of the client, etc.

Registration forms for caregivers

For Care Agencies, that come from countries where there are caregivers, recruitment of employees is very important, which is why registration forms are very popular. Over the years, we have seen an increase in the interest of Care Agencies from the countries where clients come from (Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands) in registration forms for caregivers, due to the establishment of branches in other countries. Multiple registration forms can be added, and each of them may contain different data to complete. After registration, the supervisor will be immediately saved in the system, and the Dashboard will automatically inform about the new candidate.

Experience in care

We can add a table to the registration form, where the caregiver will complete his experience in care, including how long he worked, and in which country.


The addresses of the caregiver are necessary to create documents and can also be added to the registration forms.


Dashboard is an option to add selected elements to the top bar of the panel, which is automatically refreshed is one of the options that most streamlines work in terms of information flow, task suggestions, and making sure that these tasks are completed. There are more than 30 tables in the 24-hour care program, and each of them can save multiple queries. The query stores filter settings, column layout, and sorting. Switch between queries with one click. The queries themselves can be added to the dashboard, and the most important ones can be added to the top bar so that they indicate the most important information at all times.  Examples of dashboard settings are described here. However, there are many combinations of dashboard settings for all departments in Care Agencies.

Integration with external systems

More than 30 tables with about 1000 different data can be transferred to external tools. Integrations are successively added according to customer needs. The main emphasis is placed on integration with accounting and HR systems.


Tasks have three views. These are tabular layouts, calendars, and a combination of both. Users can easily switch between them depending on their preferences. Task types are configurable and assigned colors. In addition to the common elements in tasks such as priority, status, name, and person to whom the task is assigned, the planned finish date is several elements made by the requirements of the industry. All tasks can optionally be assigned to a caregiver, customer, partner, contract, or shipping company.


The care program allows you to add many different processes and assign them to a task. The process has a list of steps to be performed. All stages have icons that, when selected in the table, are green, which indicates to users what has already been done in a given task and what still needs to be done.


Frequent contact with caregivers, families, partners, and partners regarding a specific contract causes the need to add numerous comments. In the Hrily care services program, there is an option to add comments in all the most important modules. The system automatically records who, when what value added. An additional advantage is the ability to save comments using the Enter button on the keyboard. 

All comments are collected in a separate table, where you can check the quality of comments and their number.

Flexibility of the program for 24-hour care

It took our team 3 years to design the care program. During this time, we have come to know the needs of care companies from all over Europe. We needed this knowledge to create an application that would improve companies from all over Europe, and at the same time be flexible. By flexibility, we mean quick modifications by the user, which are immediately available in the system. We took into account the needs of the smallest companies that serve about 10 customers as well as those that have many branches in several countries and have about 1000 customers. An additional challenge was to plan the work of franchisees and franchisors, but thanks to cooperation with numerous partners, we have made a flexible application for this type of company as well.

Permissions in the system

In the Hrily care program, you can define roles and assign them permissions. The role is assigned to the user. Depriving users of access to unnecessary modules further simplifies software implementation.

Application in multiple languages

The entire platform is available in 4 languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Polish
  • Russian

Once you have created an account, all translations are available and can be easily changed if necessary. You can disable app language options so that your entire team uses a single version of the app.

Setting up your Hrily account

The platform has about 200 elements that change the functioning of the system. This does not mean that they all need to be changed. For example, 24-hour care agencies from Germany are not interested in configuring the module caregivers and travel. Care companies with Polish do not report the need to set up a family profile in PDF. The expected changes must be made in the configuration or the settings. After saving, refresh the app and the changes will be available. The whole operation takes about 20 seconds. We recommend that you set up your account at the very beginning of use.

Support of the Hrily team in the use of

Our goal is to implement the program in the best possible way in the client’s team. Following the needs of individual team members reacting as quickly as possible and explaining how the user can achieve the expected effect. If the available solution is not satisfactory, we add additional options as expected. Constant contact is necessary due to new people in the teams using Hrily. 

Meetings with our clients implementation and workshops are a favorite part of our work. This is the moment when we can develop new solutions together to improve work. Fortunately for us, this process has no end and we are constantly implementing new facilities.

Personal account manager

Our clients have a personal account manager who takes care of the implementation and training. This allows you to get to know the company, people, and characteristic requirements.

Online meetings

We encourage all users to contact our team directly. To discuss an issue, we set an online meeting date and show how to get the expected result with the screen provided. If the issue concerns the transfer of information between users, we model the workflow.

Meetings at the client’s site in the company

If the client prefers a meeting at our headquarters or his office, it is possible. We determine the scope of training, place, and person who will conduct training in the use of the care program.

Unique knowledge about work optimization

During the development of the scope of functionality, our team established relationships with many very experienced people from the industry. During many meetings, which lasted hundreds of hours, we documented the needs of the industry and developed an optimal tool for organizing work in care. During implementations, we develop further good practices with users, which we pass on to other users. 

Our team has unique knowledge about the implementation of care systems. Thanks to this, our users gain an advantage over the competition.

Implementation of the program in the Care Agency

The way Hrily is implemented is always adapted to the capabilities and needs of the team. Spontaneous meetings are possible, and our goal is to have a support team available for 4 hours a day or more. We respond to all inquiries regularly.

Quality Certifications

After proper implementation of the program for 24-hour Hrily care, the Care Agency team functions much better. Such companies offer a higher quality care service, and better jobs for carers of the elderly. 

The organization of work is significantly supported by a dedicated platform, which translates into faster performance of duties. The best care agencies receive a quality certificate, which is a confirmation of the proper organization of work.

Higher quality of care services

Families who use caregivers for the elderly are better served, have better-suited caregivers to their requirements, and the whole process is faster. Unique requirements are easier to meet. The process of registration and contact with the Care Agency team is streamlined, which makes the client better served.

Better working conditions for carers

Thanks to the recruitment functions, the supervisor takes part in an efficiently conducted process. The registration form contains all fields. After completing the replenishment, the caregiver can immediately call and ask for a list of workplaces where he can work. The recruiter has all the available data in the caregiver’s profile in Hrily. It takes about a minute to generate documents and send them to the supervisor. 

In the case of exceptional requirements of the caregiver, the recruiter can find the right offer in a few moments using hundreds of filtering configurations.

Customer testimonials

Below you will find recommendations for the Hrily program and the implementation team.

Izabela Felisiak, Felizajob

Malina Stodolna-Sroczyńska, Laxo Care

Ulrich Gelfert, Pro domo – Pflegehilfe

Karolina Białojańska, Sensis Care

Frequently asked questions from customers

Before testing and deploying Hrily for care, teams ask us a lot of questions. Below we present the most common questions, but our team is at your disposal and will answer any questions. We are fully aware that the implementation of a comprehensive care system imposes a huge responsibility on us. Good cooperation requires clarifying any doubts, so we encourage you to contact us.

Is my data safe?

The data is stored on an Amazon Web Services server in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Access to data is protected professionally. The system automatically creates backups. Only active users who have previously been added to your account have access to your account. These persons have access to the data to the extent that the assigned permission allows.

What is the length of the contract?

You can pay for access to the service for 3, 12, or 24 months.

What should I do if the system stops working?

Analyzing the last two years of the platform’s operation, we can boast with pleasure that the system worked 99.957% of the time. The causes of failures are always eliminated and the application is properly monitored. If Hrily stops working, send an SMS or e-mail with a description of the malfunction of the system. Our team will undertake analytical and corrective work immediately. 

Is there a charge for support in use?

Support in use is free of charge. The number of contacts is not limited, and we encourage you to contact our team. Contact is possible in German, English, Polish, and Czech.

What happens when we run out of a function

The program is developed only to handle care, so your needs are already included in the platform or we are working on them. If you discover a feature missing, please contact our support team.

New features in Hrily

New features are added to the system approximately every 2 months. The range of new features is the result of suggestions from our customers, partners, and our knowledge. 

After uploading changes, there is no need to install anything, your entire team has access to the current version of the application.

Price for access to Hrily

The price depends on the number of active contracts in a calendar month. We have adopted such a pricing policy to support the development of care companies of all sizes.

Advantages of a dedicated care program

The advantages of using a dedicated care system can be boiled down to time savings. This is due to the faster execution of tasks, and the lack of searching for them to perform, the system performs them itself.

This translates into a higher quality of work for all employees of the Care Agency, caregivers, and the quality of care services.

Increased work efficiency

The productivity of employees and the entire company is higher. This allows the company to develop in the planned direction. The ability to integrate with partners and automatically transfer data streamlines the process of offering caregivers fundamentally.

Benefits for employees

Employees of all departments have a tailored tool that they can master in a very short time. The workflow requires no additional steps. It is enough for the employee to do their part of the work, and the relevant people will be automatically informed that further steps should be taken by them.

Benefits for bosses

Heads of companies see in an accessible form the effectiveness of sources of acquiring caregivers and clients, employees, and partners. In addition, the amount of toll commissions is presented conveniently. The system allows you to compare data, and periods so that the right people receive valuable knowledge.

Partner Benefits

When you integrate your Hrily account with your partner, selected data is automatically transferred, saving time at both Care Agencies and reducing response times. In the care industry, response time is often crucial and determines success.

Benefits for families

Families seeking care for a family member receive the first proposals as soon as possible. The offered caregivers are selected accordingly according to your requirements and preferences. In emergencies, the introduction of changes takes much less time due to the possibility of searching for a suitable caregiver and travel.

Benefits for caregivers of the elderly

Caregivers take part in a fast recruitment process. They receive all information, documents, and travel proposals in a short time. Care Agencies can suggest with greater accuracy the right families where they will work.

Convenient table views and calendars

All tables have options for filtering and managing columns. Repeatable settings can be saved as a query and move between queries with one click. The most important queries can be added to the Dashboard.

Revision history

The changes you make are available in the profiles. Going to individual modifications, we see who, from what value, to what value changed, date, and time. 

Optionally, access to the history of changes can be disabled for users.

Optimal use of the customer base (families)

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